Golden pupil conjecture: Samsung, Blizzard plotting a new pattern of the game? Sohu technology for gaming, perhaps no one hardware enterprises Samsung this attention, there is no doubt that the atmosphere of the South Korean gaming inescapable relationship. According to public information display, Samsung and Blizzard will further strengthen cooperation in the field of gaming. November 5-6 day Beijing time 17 -19 point, Tmall APP on the blizzard Carnival Samsung live program will launch the concept of Samsung golden pupil. SNAKE, ESTAR and other famous teams will show up and interpretation, and friends to watch game player Xianfeng DIY wonderful play water friendly, for the November 26th Samsung gold pupil online qualifiers kicked off. Since the hearthstone jointly organized this year the two screen game, using Samsung surface display surround immersive visual effects to create new and interesting and impressive format, and created the 1 world record for the 8, between Samsung and Blizzard has a very close contact with. In fact, the relationship between Samsung and Blizzard is definitely not only in recent years in the early opening, led by Samsung WCG and Samsung’s relationship Blizzard is unusual, in WCG events, the most popular of the two project WAR3, and star, these two products are goods by blizzard. In this new era of power, one is with the world’s top gaming developer gene, one is from the country’s top global gaming hardware manufacturers, the depth of cooperation of the two giants are very likely to change the existing pattern of gaming. What is the Samsung gold pupil? About this time based on the Blizzcon launched the "gold pupil" concept, there are users to speculate that this product is very likely and now Blizzard’s popular gaming game "watch" pioneer, pioneer "in" watch, usually equipped with high-end game player for arena points the gold weapon. As the name suggests, the name "golden pupil" and watch pioneer gold weapons are similar, and Lenovo Samsung and a series of Blizzard cooperation move, now Samsung and choose to detonate the "golden pupil" concept in the Blizzcon this critical time node, it can not help but make people think it will be a prelude to Samsung and watch a pioneer in the new action? According to the keywords "gold pupil Samsung revealed the top strength, perspective of real, dream and eye protector", this plan is likely to launch a joint Samsung Blizzard gaming categories of cross-border products, to create a "golden weapon" imaging symbol as much sought after game player’s strength. Preheat video broadcast programs from the Blizzcon Samsung SNAKE can be seen as a pupil gold golden gun, it is particularly cool, whenever and wherever possible exterminate every enemy ", and" pupil "obviously with the eye, whether the Samsung gaming products for eye protection technology, visual effect of the picture. Update breakthrough? If you are familiar with Samsung will know, in recent years, Samsung in the display products has been the focus of gaming segments, a few years ago in the main surface display on the introduction of" vision of competitive power. This feature can intelligently detect scene changes, enhance.相关的主题文章: