"Guardian" Suzhou Sun Jian their first modern low-key boot Spy Drama – Sohu entertainment "guard" Sun Jian stills "guard" Sun Jian Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by the famous director Di Jie to the popular actor Sun Jian and actress He Zhuoyan, starring the modern Spy Drama "burn brain guard" in Suzhou Taihu are wildly beating gongs and drums shooting. It is reported that since the debut starred in several film hit TV drama popular actor Sun Jian, in the "Guardian" for the first time in a challenge to the occupation national security investigators, for he the subversive role, also attracted many netizens full of expectations. "Guardian" is a high IQ suspense case burning brain drama, is also a popular actor Sun Jian debut for the first time to play this Guoan scout occupation, and act as a "Shao Peng". By virtue of the Spy Drama "blade", "love in spring", and "love" different roles in obstetrics and Gynecology interpretation, his acting storm gave us a deep impression, and this time he will be for the audience to show a what kind of character, attracted netizens full look Sun Jian, in the studio’s first "Guardian" exposed posters on the same day, users have a message said: "love is the theme, look forward to your new drama", "you have seen so much drama, the more looking forward to your new role!" "To see the actor, I like the subject, is full of joy". It is reported that by Sun Jian to participate in the recording of a large reality show to do it, will also be landing in Hunan TV, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: