Half head meatballs! The hottest hairstyle he must be the first wave modeling can also make fancy, first top area hair in a ponytail form, then roll bar will let loose hair per tuft inside and outside rolled out different forms of different radians, such modeling is by age and are short wave length hair can comb, into two balls, the rest of her natural hair, meatball head can be scattered like more natural sense of long hair girl can like Gigi the hair into small radian waves, then the hair is divided into two parts, the upper part of a ponytail and pulled together with her the second half part of the hair, more youthful sense of half ponytail shape, the lower part of the hair with a curling hair in the same direction of each roll waves, light colored hair more easily make fluffy air half hairdo like baby is the sense of the upper part of the head With two strands of rope way back hair fixed into the other half. Half ponytail can be made semi ball head shape, but remember to pull loose top area hair fluffy, half hairdo such more naturally curly shape can also be like baby into the upper half half way. Both the spirit of Masson,, and with soft, hair color will shoot two hawks with one arrow Wu Xin blond, casual styling fashion Da, the half beam collocation for shallow air bangs, hair color is more good-looking in our hair and tie half can be divided in fringe areas. Sub bangs on both sides of the cheek will leave two strands of hair to modified face, round face can also thin hair can also tie half hairdo, the upper half part to tie up the hair into a short ponytail or meatball head can, and The collocation of air bangs, more random nature will be the upper part of the hair tied into two balls, and fluffy, the lower part of the hair curling inward roll radian, such modelling is lovely. The upper part of the hair and meatball head pay attention to the hair fluffy, can with the hand will pull out a lock of a lock of hair fluffy little face of the increase of air power power still half beam of the other specially set aside two strands of hair, cover the cheeks, modified face effect half in the upper part of the hair, hair in a ponytail, or pill sub heads or twist pay attention to braid, fluffy case, modelling is beautiful ~ Da Victoria Song also enjoys the other half tie hair, fluffy tail more casual and natural feeling, a sense of fashion design Yo age under the condition.相关的主题文章: