Hubei man was sentenced to 20 years after the letter was sentenced to death in 1997 to restart the review of the Spring Festival in, Terry Chui (right) with his parents photo. Half a year later, he entered the prison. "Mom, you go back. I’m fine. I’ll be back in a minute."." Zhao Kefeng did not think of is, the son of Terry Chui was taken away by the police after the not clear into the prison, a murderer. In 1997, Hubei Province, Xiangfan City, Xiangyang county (now Xiangyang City Xiangzhou District) the murder occurred, the murderer Zhang Wenhua flight. Subsequently, Zhang Wenhua was sent to the police to report two letters, exposing primary school teacher Terry Chui is his accomplice, and said his conscience can not eat will commit suicide. In April 19, 1999, Xiangfan City Intermediate People’s court in the two letter report as the main evidence that Terry Chui guilty of intentional homicide sentenced Terry Chui to death. More bizarre is that the summer of 2002, a man named "Tang Jianmin" the robber was shot. Three years later, Tang Jianmin himself appeared. The police know, was shot for "Tang Jianmin" is in fact Alex as evidence of innocence has been looking for Zhang Wenhua. "Beijing times" recently learned that depleted in Alex blood innocence after nearly 20 years, Terry Chui finally ushered in a turning point. In June this year, the case was included in the first case of Hubei province backlog complaint letters and visits "to resolve the case of thousands of action", the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of Hubei province procuratorate command to start the case review process. October 19th, there are people involved in the review of Beijing time (micro signal: btime007), said: Terry Chui intentional homicide, evidence of major problems, the need to start the retrial procedure. At present, they have been submitted to the Hubei provincial procuratorate. The police sent a messenger to murder fugitive for late July 30, 1997 10, Zhao Kefeng lifetime – 22 year old son Terry Chui at home was taken away by the police. At that time, Xu Haogang played basketball, is helping her mother custody of the store, several police came in, said to take him to investigate. Zhao Kefeng is not assured, accompanied by Terry Chui to the door of interpol. The son said to mom saying words of comfort, "a while back", went to the police team. This for a while, but let Zhao Kefeng wait for nearly 20 years. Terry Chui was taken away a few days ago, due to the murder of Xiangyang county. In July 26th, Xiangyang County Xiang East gas with a length of 170 cm long hair in front of the unknown man whose body was found standing in the garden, the forensic identification of the deceased is caused by strangulation suffocation, head and face were damaged, and there is a large area of the back, the waist form chemical corrosion off. In July 30th, Ma Dong Zheng Weidong, Han Jing young, Wang Jing, Zhang Wan police station and amphibious respectively to identify the body, and confirm that the victim was a 23 year old security department staff Li Jun Xiangfan Infectious Disease Hospital. The report said: a few per capita killed by Li Jun Zhang Wenhua, Zhang Wenhua has fled in the escape, or escape from Wuhan called to inform him, and Xu Ying primary school music teacher Terry Chui because Li Jun killed and dead bodies to practice guts. Zhang Wenhua, aged 24, Fancheng District of Xiangfan city workers, family background, culture of junior high school, unmarried, doing paper business. Li Jun is a friend of Zhang Wenhua, the two sides or MLM downline relationship. Terry Chui Zhang Wenhua is the junior high school students, Zhang had several times the sales of paper products to Xu Jia school canteen generation.相关的主题文章: