"Observers" wonderful humor award prize was cow – Sohu entertainment   wonderful award Sohu entertainment news met in the streets "reward challenge" activities, most people will try. However, if the event is a series of unexpected or even very strange items, the passers-by will react? On the evening of November 8th 21:10, Guangdong satellite TV "humor observer" bring you to win the prize. A strange prize: two bales of rice! Program group in the street to hold a decibel win award campaign, the greater the singing voice, the more lucrative prizes to win. Of course, in accordance with the "Observer" consistent style humor funny, sure enough wonderful prizes. After listening to the host’s introduction, a long hair girl eager to participate, and to clear his throat to sing. In order to win the prize with a higher tone, woman actually chose not to sing, but a horror film like: "ah ah ah ah……" According to the size of the corresponding size of the prize, the younger sister won the pure natural organic rice, did not expect the prize was actually two bundles of rice just pulled out from the rice field. See this heap of package are not split rice girl completely dumbfounded. Seems to think this pile of rice is too strange, girl go back temporarily for prizes. But when I saw this big big iron, and in the end she will not accept? Strange prize two: a live cow! See two bundles of rice and big pot, I believe many people have been stunned. However, for the well-known program group rules behind the audience, humorous strokes still, the next prize will be more wonderful. This time to participate in the activities of a pair of young lovers, has not yet begun to challenge, the sister directly expressed the desire to look forward to milk. In order to meet the woman’s wish, brother brother actually put his voice to sing out: "I want to win the lottery, la la la la la……" With the score of There was no parallel in history. won the "best brother, fresh milk". In their happy talk at the same time, the staff of a cow from the tent lira, and said: "this is our air coming from New Zealand dairy cows, milk is rich in its belly, you can enjoy the fresh milk Everfount." See the cows walking slowly, and I like the girl in the street to see a dinosaur, a time to move. In the face of such a big prize, who would be willing to take it away? There will be a wonderful prize behind it? More wonderful, every Tuesday evening 21:10 broadcast humor observer!相关的主题文章: