ICBC private bank invited doctors and health promotion industrial and Commercial Bank of China Wenzhou branch joint Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University affiliated Wenzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on the afternoon of October 25th to carry out the "Ouyue doctors" private banking customers high-end Chinese health activities, the promotion of Chinese culture in the health sciences. During the event, Chinese medicine hospital dean Huang Jianping for high-end customers introduced Wenzhou traditional Chinese medicine history, the principle of winter health tips, winter diet characteristics and winter health food recommended herbs and so on, the high-end customers in the understanding of traditional Chinese culture at the same time and learn how to carry through the usual health food, tea. On the period, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy research master doctor Zhi Mian season especially prepared for health preservation for the customer site, provide customer taste and introduce its efficacy. At the end of the lecture, the Chinese medicine hospital nurse Zheng Yaoyao health demonstration and lead customers to do health exercises, the atmosphere of the event to the climax. The event not only enhance the recognition of the high end of the customer to the bank, to promote the interaction of high-end customers and ICBC, but also increased the viscosity of high-end customers and ICBC, won wide acclaim.相关的主题文章: