"Iron fist" title is strange   show the self cultivation — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title of an actor: "iron fist" the strange summer little meat they screen, the reporter can not remember how many times to see the draft publicity writing in a "tailored" in the "color", the actors will never be a problem — not love who played well, the script is not written. At the end of the summer, "iron fist" in Jack? Gyllenhaal but with acting, gave the film a slap in the face, he used the real show to tell us what is "an actor’s self-cultivation". A fall easy to stand up is very difficult to release foreign movies in Chinese translation always strange, "iron fist" English’s name is Southpaw, literal translation is the translation of a little but southpaws, puzzled. The story is very simple, Muhammad Billy? Hope (Jack? Gyllenhaal) because of his wife’s accidental death then began, daughter was sent to welfare institutions. In the face of a mess himself, he wanted to get up again, and return to the ring in the coach doesn’t help, to save her daughter’s respect and love. From the 12 year old Billy together, all cannot do without the help of his wife, Muhammad, than the father’s role, he is more like a big boy, my heart attached to his wife. So when his wife dies, Billy’s world is ruined. A scene so many viewers wet eyes, in front of him with a gun and bullets, and his wife and daughter photo, he buried his head in the quilt piercing cry, at that moment the reporter really think he was going to Dutch act. However, he wants revenge, to take care of his daughter, he wants to get up a little bit. B is always masochistic role Jack? Gyllenhaal to make boxing scenes more realistic, the film with Jack? Gyllenhaal performed boxing actors are all real occupation boxer, in the course of fighting, several injured his ribs, chin also smashed several times, but each time the director asked to stop filming, he refuse. Muhammad Tyson even praised him: "can become a professional boxer!" In addition to his practice boxer, Jack? Gyllenhaal in many details that make this character plump up — a slightly nervous temperament, unclear pronunciation accent, afraid to face the public, in the movie, he is the man from the slums out of Muhammad, the self-confidence by his wife to encourage big boy ring. It is hard to imagine "Brokeback Mountain" handsome rosy lips and pretty white teeth, and "iron fist" in the beard and lost the champion is the same person. Know there is a problem is how to evaluate the performance of Gyllenhaal Jack? ", said he is no bad actors, whether text or play" are the degree of relaxation, and role integration. No wonder netizens said: "he is to lose weight or increase muscle to close to the role of the image of the news is surprising, because this is a good actor’s self-cultivation." It is reported that the "iron fist" will be released nationwide in September 2nd. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: