Small Business The recent Global Financial Crisis has made people in various states and probably across the globe to rethink the way they use electricity and other energy resources. Even if energy deregulation in certain states such as Texas have given consumers the power to select Retail Electric Providers that will supply their electricity, it doesnt mean that they are given free reign of their use of electricity. Prudence and practicality is now the adapted norm that many homeowners and business establishments practice with respect to their use of electricity. Unless a very viable and inexhaustible source of very cheap electricity is discovered, all other homeowners and business owners should have the same mindset and practice all means to conserve energy. The following are 10 of the simplest and easily implementable means of saving energy no matter what state, city or location you are in. Whether you are from Dallas or Houston, it would be wise for you and your household or business to practice these ways to save on your electricity. * Try a little bit of air drying power Dishwashers consume considerable amount of water as well as electricity, that when accumulated would amount to something significant that would hurt both your pockets and the environment. Go back to basics and use a bit of cloth and air drying power to dry your dishes. * Some like it hot, but better to wash them cold turn off your washing machine heaters for a while and use cold water instead. Youll be surprised that doing so would make you save as much as 75% energy * Reduce your bathing water temperature — Do you really like your bath water scalding hot enough to cook your flesh? You can set your water heaters to temperatures that would be enough to make you comfortable. In relation to this, you really dont need quite a big tank. The bigger they are, the more energy they consume. * Some like it very hot. Some like it very cold but should you? People sometimes like to turn their heaters and air conditioners to extreme levels that go beyond what is really comfortable. Well, it should not really be that way as you can always set the thermostat settings of these appliances to levels that are not really extreme but provide enough comfort for you and your household. * Use a bit or air and sun for your clothes as well Clothes dryers not only increase the bill you are paying your Texas electric company, but it also accounts to almost 500 pounds of carbon gas emissions a year. Do your part in protecting the environment, and protecting your pockets as well, by using the power of the wind and the sun in drying your clothes. * Avoid opening and closing the oven door during cooking Every time you open the oven, a drop of up to 50 degrees in temperature ensues, which prolong your cooking time and spending more energy in the process. Study your cookbooks thoroughly to know when the proper time of opening the oven is and practice preheating the oven before putting the food in. * Seal those leaks! A great deal of money is spent paying your Dallas or Houston electric companies because of the energy spent in regulating the temperature of your homes. Well guess what, those leaks in your windows, doors and walls will not do you any good and increase the energy spent by your heaters or air conditioners in keeping temperatures at comfortable levels. Seal those leaks and prevent cold or hot air from passing through. * Get rid of those light bulbs! Those old incandescent bulbs not only eat up considerable amount of electricity, but they really dont give off a bright perspective dont they? Switch to compact fluorescent lamps instead. Not only do they consume a fraction of what light bulbs consume, but they give off a much brighter illumination as well. * Unplug appliances while not in use Many do not realize it, but turning off your appliances by their remote controllers does not completely turn off the device. While in standby mode, these appliances continue to drain electricity even in trickles. That would not mean much as is, but accumulating all these trickles and youll be surprised that youve already consumed a whole pool of electricity. * Get rid of those old appliances Old appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners are energy hogs that consume considerable amounts of electricity, but are not efficient enough to get the kind of performance you expect and need. Its time to get rid of these antiques and switch to Energy Star certified appliances. Not only will they consume less energy, but youll get better performance and efficiency from them as well. About Shop Texas Electricity- Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at About the Author: As the founder of Shop Texas Electricity, Dawood Mirza has over 12 years of experience in the utility industry. Prior to founding Shop Texas Electricity, Dawood was Director of Alternate Sales Channels at Reliant Energy where he managed the acquisition strategy for movers and oversaw the Builder/Multi-family, Realtor and Mover direct mail channels. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at ShopTexasElectricity Article Published On: – Small Business – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: