Jane Zhang 8, Liu Yifei Wang Luodan married Tan Weiwei were the bridesmaids Tencent entertainment news (Mao Yuqian) today (November 8th), Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s wedding will be held in Italy, a group of Tencent entertainment exclusive access to the map the welcome dinner. Among them, Feng Ke intimate hand in hand debut, the appearance of the two speech was clearly visible, more and a toast to the photo of Tang Yan and Jane Zhang. It is reported that, in addition to Tang Yan, Zhou Bichang and other friends have to help out, Jane Zhang today’s wedding bridesmaids lineup is quite luxurious, in the music circle of Tan Weiwei and pan Chenjun in the column, but Liu Yifei and Wang Luodan was also in the list. The wedding invitations have earlier exposure, with notes of signs printed on the invitation purple, Jane Zhang and Feng Keer’s initials (Jane and Michael). The invitation is open, showing a group of three-dimensional castle. Feng Ke and Jane Zhang want to know this group of Sichuan full wedding is where the shot? Ha ha, concerned about the Chengdu entertainment official WeChat, reply Jane Zhang, we tell you! Scan two-dimensional code concern Chengdu entertainment"相关的主题文章: