A friend of Jane Zhang sound: Feng Ke will never threaten Zhang mother Jane Zhang a photo of Jane Zhang Jane Zhang and friends friends friends a map Zhang mother photo Sina entertainment Jane Zhang [micro-blog] Feng Ke in Italy on 8 hand married in a blessing, mother Jane Zhang sound before the wedding, said he did not receive her invitation, do not know daughter wedding, a move that eat melon the audience completely by the circle. You know, just a month ago, at the birthday party of Jane Zhang, a family of three also break the ice with the box, staged a century of reconciliation". The mother said, let the original should have received the blessing of her daughter once again caught in the whirlpool of public opinion. Yesterday, Jane Zhang’s mother to accept a media video interview, once again before the pro card, insisted that I do not know her daughter’s wedding, birthday reconciliation is the life of the threat of holding the life of Liangying, she took the lead. Is it true or false? Sina entertainment linked to Jane Zhang, a friend for many years, he said that his mother knew about the wedding, and revealed that Jane Zhang had told himself, Feng Ke could not threaten mother. The new review: Jane Zhang’s mother again hand tore Feng Ke 7, in Jane Zhang before one day, Jane Zhang’s mother voice said it had not received her daughter’s wedding invitation. Subsequently, Jane Zhang friends responded that Jane Zhang mother know about her daughter’s wedding, and in accordance with the agreement, the company has been transferred to the shares of the return to the, the procedure has been completed, the site is lagging behind publicity. At the same time, the process is also described, in response to Jane Zhang’s mother accompanied the selected wedding and said, October 23rd to 25, Zhang mother in Beijing to do a visa before suddenly Frence leave, then in any case can not contact. After the event, Jane Zhang mother sounding back, and yesterday (10) afternoon to accept a video interview, insisted that I do not know the wedding of Liangying, and said that before reconciliation because of the threat of taking the threat of her, as a result of the. As for Jane Zhang’s mother said he is Frence leave, go with my classmates to see red leaves. On the evening of 10, mother Jane Zhang drying out two photos of micro-blog, Feng Ke Wei Lei promised to divorce his ex-wife guarantee, with the text said: "when is this undertaking cheat my daughter". The map + friend responded: "I do not know Jane Zhang mother daughter wedding real say both hard to decide each one sticks to his argument, who said that is the truth. Sina entertainment in the survey found that there are fans in the sun in Post Bar and Jane Zhang’s mother claimed self, mother Jane Zhang in birthday dinner after the awareness of marriage, and watch the wedding, Jane Zhang and friends responded unanimously. So, "I do not know Jane Zhang’s mother daughter wedding" say I am afraid it is difficult to justify. In addition, in the video interview, Jane Zhang mother vaguely, the wedding never daughter, to know the wedding is Italy No. 8 or No. 9, seemed to say don’t know the exact time for his daughter’s wedding, do not know her daughter’s wedding is not as before. Subsequently, Sina entertainment and contact Jane Zhang a friend for more than a decade. The friend also said to Sina entertainment, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke did invite Zhang mother attended the wedding in Italy, and Zhang mother also promised to pass. As for the threat, he also admitted that Feng Ke will never take the life of Liangying to threaten his mother, but also to the direction of the.相关的主题文章: