Jiang Wenli and Zheng Kai kiss spicy eyes? What about Yan Ni and Hu Ge? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! When it comes to kiss, is often the most anticipated audience. The stars of the real thing fancy "suck", greatly satisfy the audience to carry on the careful thinking. But not all customers can win applause, there are several CP screen when it staged embarrassing kiss only full screen. Recently, Jiang Wenli, Guo Xiaodong, Zheng Kai starred in the TV series "Hey kid," held a press conference in Beijing, Yuci at the same time, the Internet also exposed a group of Jiang Wenli and Zheng Kai in the play kiss. Jiang Wenli and Zheng Kai kissing Jiang Wenli Zheng Kai kissing Jiang Wenli Zheng Kai generous praise kiss: play very well. To what extent? The "husband" Guo Xiaodong was jealous, "I’ve also had with a sense of the picture is not online." In fact, this is not the first time Jiang Wenli took Jiedi kiss, early in the film "goodbye, not again", Jiang Wenli has been in Berlin Chan’s two year kiss, the kiss said they spent 22 hours to complete. Berlin Chan Jiang Wenli saw Jiang Wenli kissing Zheng Kai and Berlin Chan Jiedi, fans are not feeling crit ten thousand points? In fact, more embarrassing still behind. Hu Ge fans are going to hurt each other. Hu Ge and the cooperation of the "life revelation" has also staged a passionate kiss: Hu Ge, netizens said: really want to alarm the. Hu Ge and Yan Ni, but even the shopkeeper Tong charming, but Hu Ge is somehow so that thousands of fans sister to he slipped the broth, the fans still can not accept. The Internet overwhelming sound is so hard to bite: Hu I had a broken heart! Yan Ni has also been criticized by speaking and Hu Ge was friends Tucao in life "fierce kiss Apocalypse", Yan Ni angrily said he was not depressed, not because of public opinion and reduce the kiss. Because shooting is also an actor forced, otherwise it would pass. However, not all customers are forced to, last year, Liu Tao in micro-blog drying out and Ma Tianyu is filming stills, kiss, kiss and boom wall. Yes, you’re not wrong, Ma Tianyu Liu Tao: Ma Tianyu wall wall Dong Dong Liu Tao for this movie, Liu Tao explained: "this scene was originally not the design, then just do not know what happened to Ma Tianyu, he suddenly put his hand on the wall so, ah, then he said to me, he said I kissed ah, ah, he said I really kiss, I dare say you, then all of a sudden, he ah, I said you scared me." Yes, you’re not wrong, Ma Tianyu forced Liu Tao Dong wall. Ma Tianyu later responded: "I did not live, you are too tender." Don’t say, go to wash the eyes. Spicy eye more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: