Kevin Cheng with "poor rich dad" to talk about Chongqing Education by the famous Hongkong film Mr. Wu Siyuan served as producer, director Zhang Jianting, Kevin Cheng, Li Chengyuan, little bin starring magic Carnival comedy "poor rich dad" will be released in November 10th. In November 5th, the cast appeared in Chongqing, as the audience secret filming scenes stories. TVB as the emperor Kevin Cheng in Chongqing self concept of education "and if a son, make sure he can be very independent, daughter loved her." "Poor rich dad" by Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad bankrupts with his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. Zhang Jianting director said that the reason why the election to play the father of Kevin Cheng, because there is no child, no experience, let him and little bin played father and son, it is in line with the beginning of the kind of awkward relationship model of the two. Kevin Cheng said little bin is a very experienced actor, the two cooperation is very understanding. For their own education concept, has forty-seven year old Kevin Cheng said, "if it is a daughter will be very spoiled, the boy will make him independent." He found that many children will not stop reading, is integrated into the social "my son read not more than 30 years old in the escape, the man must assume responsibility for his family." Chongqing will see the film after film viewers have given good evaluation, heartwarming son of affection, the funny plot caused great sympathy from the audience, compared to the male audience, the female audience more delicate emotional concerns: "although the film is about a father and son, but as a mother, I also have experience greatly. They both as parents and parents of children, more able to understand what parents and children really need, and that is happiness and companionship." There are also said to wait until the release of the film will take the children and their families to go to the cinema to see it again, I believe that the poor rich dad can bring joy to the family and moved.相关的主题文章: