Land prices or prices has triggered the Xi’an market stability to the most expensive land recently there is news that in August the national land price rose over 40%, up from the situation, first-tier cities land prices have doubled in the situation, while the second tier city land price rose more than prices has become the norm. There are institutional analysis, flour bread over the real estate business profit margins become smaller and smaller, higher prices or lead to rising prices. Reporters learned that the 8 Xi’an real estate market as a whole stable, the floor price and land prices are basically unchanged from the previous month. Analysis of the industry, some regional land prices rose significantly, many developers will be built into commercial real estate. But the pressure on the stock, the "golden nine silver ten" period, the overall prices in Xi’an does not appear to rise sharply. Xi’an real estate is not now flour bread too, the data show that in August, the average floor price of 1486 square meters of land in Xi’an, essentially flat with last month. Which residential land floor price of 1376 yuan square meters, a decline of 5.20%. Commercial land transactions this month accounted for 10% of the city’s total, up by 7 percentage points last month, the floor price of $3891 square meters. The new residential average price of 6578 yuan in Xi’an in August square meters, an increase of 0.41%, equivalent to only the previous month rose by $27 square meters. "Ba, Lintong district land floor price is lower, lower overall average value, in the main city of Xi’an floor price of residential land in around 2600 yuan per square meter." Ronghua holding enterprise group vice president Zhang Yuwei introduced, some projects in these areas is also facing the bread flour too expensive "dilemma, land prices and the real estate holding cost increases, influence the profit of the enterprises, so some brand items with the" golden nine silver ten "needs the opportunity to rise to a certain degree of price. At the same time, institutional analysis, focused on the record of August low-cost housing is reduced, and the city’s housing stock to 10 months, some of the brand or project began to release the signal increases 300-500 million square meters, the city’s average price rose slightly to. Boutique projects have little impact on the overall price of the current, Xi’an housing prices ranked sixtieth in the city, less than in the northwest region of Urumqi and Lanzhou. In the same level of provincial capital cities, and Xi’an is the closest to Changsha, in August the price of 6486 yuan square meters. Insiders said that the level of housing prices in the country in the middle reaches of the lower level, the future of Xi’an, some good, good quality of the market also has room for price increases. "Due to the overall market, substantial price increases will affect the real estate sales, so many developers will build a boutique commercial and residential projects such, increase costs, improve quality, but some large profit space." Zhang Yuwei introduction, the general development of more than 4000 yuan per square meter of the basic development and construction costs, if the average floor price of $2600 per square meter of land, the actual number of rough room has not much room for profit. "However, this kind of quality projects on the overall impact of the region is very small. At present, Xi’an, compared to other similar cities inventory pressure is still high, although in September, 10%相关的主题文章: