Large scale active purchase in September for mutual recognition of fund sales greatly reduced We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: large scale active purchase in September for mutual recognition of fund sales minus Chinese fund newspaper reporter Yao Bo Morgan since the end of August on the implementation of the purchase of assets for mutual fund, mutual fund sales overall growth rate fell sharply. September North fund sales 843 million yuan, only in August sales of $20%. The hope is to get funding in the Hongkong market, the mainland Legion is still struggling, in September the total sales of less than 20 million yuan South fund. According to the administration of foreign exchange data released last week, September, Hongkong mutual fund in mainland sales fell sharply, the monthly sales of 843 million yuan, after the January sales of 4 billion 142 million yuan, September sales of only 20.35% in August. Data show that in September the Hongkong mutual fund in mainland sales of 843 million yuan, 281 million yuan redemption, net sales of 562 million yuan, the monthly net sales figures dropped to the level of March of this year, net sales for the month only 522 million yuan. According to the reporter, Morgan assets accounted for total sales of mutual funds for the mutual recognition of the fund 90%. At the end of August, Morgan’s two mutual fund assets began to take the initiative to purchase large purchase, especially the company’s total revenue bond fund purchase is caused by a sharp pullback in North mutual fund sales. Announcement shows that since August 26, 2016, Morgan Asian Total Return Bond Fund, Morgan Pacific Securities Funds mainland agent will adjust the highest single day subscription Fund (including fixed investment amount) scheme, single fund account in a single day single share category purchase (including fixed investment plans) the amount of cumulative limit adjusted to 10000 yuan us dollars adjusted to $1000. China fund newspaper reporter learned from Morgan asset stakeholders, the purchase is the hope that customers can get a relatively stable return on investment. Due to the influx of capital in August, the company needs to take the initiative to reduce the flow of funds in order to meet the fund’s investment expectations. The sources, bond funds target income should not be too high or too much volatility of the purchase is to want to do money and a decent return match, after the purchase of the company actively apply new mutual fund, in order to provide more products overseas for mainland investors. Mutual fund has brought a lot of funds from the mainland to Morgan assets, but at the end of September, the new funding is still not reached the scale of 50% fund this fund mutual recognition of remote sales line. Morningstar data show that Morgan Asian Total Return Bond Fund at the end of September this year is $3 billion 919 million, or about 26 billion yuan, the total sales of all for the mutual recognition of the fund at present including Morgan, 9 billion 300 million yuan. There is a market analysis of human theory相关的主题文章: