Learn smart storage simple recipe for large-sized apartment more livable lead: the so-called "concentration is the essence", the small space can have great use. After a reasonable layout of the space, as well as the appropriate simplification of the function, combined with the use of intelligent storage methods, but also to make the tension of small Huxing more livable. Learn a few clever move to accommodate small Huxing more livable living room with the overall tone and color to make the space comfortable and warm. Make full use of the flexible layout around the sofa, with the storage function of the edge of the table arranged between two sofas, so that small space can also have a large capacity. In fact, the small size of the collection is not to rely on large furniture to complete, but for the choice of furniture and layout optimization. Some transparent material or with reflective decorations, can make plenty of natural light to enrich the visual changes, transparent sight let whole space more carefree and comfortable. Learn to accept a few smart tricks to make small units more livable kitchen items and more clutter, the design of a fully functional small kitchen space is very difficult. Effective segmentation of functional areas, the layout of the layout can be used to improve the space utilization, but also to maximize the size of the size of the kitchen units. The lightweight furniture can increase the liquidity of the entire space, so that the whole white furniture inflated sense of home space has a lucid sense and some simple decorations to add some lively and happy atmosphere. From the kitchen to the dining room, there are a lot of tableware and cooking utensils to provide storage space, a semi embedded closet with containing powerful. The transparent door is a good place for you to show the tableware, white and whole furniture in coordination with each other, but also to make room for more atmosphere. Open the locker and the display of the storage consolidation, be another focus visual space. Learn smart storage simple recipe for large-sized apartment more livable when space is limited, the book can also be used as decorations placed by an open box of cabinets, books neatly placed, with some small ornaments, become the most personalized decorative backdrop. Make full use of the facade of the room, so that the family is more rich and personalized effect.相关的主题文章: