Lesson: dew to autumn insects   tours; Lu Xun Haruki Murakami’s story — autumn Culture — people.com.cn Click to enter the "literary youth" > > > [] "Art Star Youth in Jianjia gray, White Dew cream." Today, we will usher in the annual temperature difference between day and night the biggest solar term — white dew. The dew season, the crop is about to mature, "autumn" will also be gone, most areas of bright, clear. "Bai Luqiu split night, cold night night." Gently, so the autumn girl came with dew. Xiaobian for Health Guide for your sweet dew solar term, and sent Lu Xun and Shen Congwen, Haruki Murakami’s "autumn story", wish you a literary autumn. A, Lu Ning and white "on seventy-two candidates annals" said: "August festival…… Yin gradually heavy, Lu Ning and white." The weather is getting cooler in the morning dew and found that there are a lot of ground leaves, this is due to the night of condensation of water vapor in the above, so called the dew. Enter the "dew", people will obviously feel the hot summer, cool autumn has come. Two, you don’t know the custom of the Taihu festival every year: Yuwang dew season, Taihu people have held offering incense will yu. In offering Yuwang while also offering the land of God, goddess, silk flower girl, jiangtaigong etc.. In the meantime, "fish kill" will play a drama, sustenance of people’s hope for a better life. Wenzhou: "ten white" Zhejiang Wenzhou Cangnan, Pingyang and other places to collect folk, people today "ten white" (or "three white"), with silky white chicken (or duck stew), it is said that food can be nourishing the body. This "ten white" is the ten with "white" herbs, such as white hibiscus, white bitter and so on, and the corresponding "dew" literally. Zhejiang: and brewed rice wine brewed rice wine custom dew dew from South of Jiangsu and Zhejiang’s old Nanjing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area old country people every year to every wine, a dew, for hospitality, people often put the dew wine brought to the city. Dew wine with glutinous rice and sorghum grain spawn, slightly sweet taste, it is called "Bai Lu wine". Fuzhou: eat longan in Fuzhou, "the dew will eat longan", mean dew this day to eat longan is nourishing the body effect, longan itself yiqijianpi, nourishing blood and other effects, and the dew before a big sweet taste of longan. Drink dew tea: "spring summer tea is bitter, astringent, drink, autumn dew." "Bailu tea" has been popular. Since the "Millennium" until mid October is the growth of tea every night, the weather becoming cooler, water vapor condensed on the night in the tea picking the dew dew, the tea has a unique flavor and mellow. (Chen Yuan, Shiyao commissioning editor: soup) three, "Qi dew moistening" law "in the December sun real accomplishment said," August heart lung micro gas, gold with things." Chinese medicine believes that the lung is gold, and the corresponding autumn gas. Dew is the typical autumn weather, the body prone to lip throat, nasal dryness and dry stool, dry skin cracks and other symptoms. So, when the dew season nursed by spleen Runzao mainly. Add water to prevent Qiuzao dew gas)相关的主题文章: