Liaoning will improve 9 National Forest Park scenic spot, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network (reporter Tang Xinmeng   September 22nd), the office of the Liaoning provincial government issued the "guidance" of forestry development in Liaoning Province, the province will make full use of forests, wetlands and other ecological landscape resources, the development of the tourism industry, by 2020, and strive to make the province’s forest tourism in the amount of annual tourists from 2015 to 23 million passengers to 35 million passengers. It is understood that the province will focus on the transformation of 9 counties, Nanfen, Huanren, Xinbin perfect Donggang, Beizhen, Zhangwu, Beipiao, Fuxin, Xifeng etc. (urban) 9 National Forest Park scenic spots, visitors reception facilities construction. Opinions requirements, by 2020 the province’s forest coverage rate reached 42%, and strive to achieve the province’s total forestry output value of $200 billion, an average annual growth rate of 3.74%, the province’s contribution to GDP reached $11 billion. The construction of forest experience base 5, forest health pension base 5. Forest tourism annual visitors reached 35 million passengers.相关的主题文章: