Lu Yi: the definition of love is not Bao Lei against her daughter into the entertainment circle Sina entertainment news in 1998 that "yongbumingmu let Lu Yi" [micro-blog] fame, then the "beauty and the geek", "left to right", "my youth who call the shots", Lu Yi has been in "loving men" under the aura. Now, the entertainment fad Spy Drama craze, Lu Yi also followed the "trend", "rouge" in the spy drama played three agent Zhou Yuhao. Play with Zhao Liying [micro-blog] love him, said he still affectionate play outside the definition of love is the wife of Bao Lei [micro-blog]. Although busy with work, but for their baby daughter, Lu Yi apparently also has its own set of Lushi theory. The definition of love is the love of the rare experience of Bao Lei in Lu Yi’s own words, the character of Zhou Yuhao is a "three high" character: "high Yan value, high IQ eq". Although many starred in the drama, but for the first time in the three spies, Lu Yi still excited said, "in such a ten all-around, play it very enjoyable." In the play, Lu Yi played Zhou Yuhao to Zhao Liying play with head, blue Rouge kill Dong "boyfriend force wall burst table" Liao Mei story, but for the "Liao Mei" this thing, but Lu Yi said: "honestly admit I really afraid to shoot this movie, because I did not experience what. So the script is good, he is given the character. My wife and I so many years, he did not talk about what the experience of love for me, in fact, love is very simple, from when the university campus romance until now, my definition of love is Bao Lei, so I will take good according to the script." The children have their own way to go not too many constraints Huang Lei recently [micro-blog] a puppy comments made by the media and public discussion, similar to the Huang Lei couple, Lu Yi and Bao Lei also to join the campus romance so far, also has a beautiful baby daughter. As the saying goes, the daughter is father’s intimate small cotton padded jacket, and the thought of their own "jacket" in a few years will meet their favorite small boys, or by the small guy up, Lu Yi replied: "I don’t accept what I can do, certainly there will be such a day, very much have the children to experience. To remind parents, two is the largest, not just time to look at her." The puppy love issues, and before Huang Lei said at the age of 15, Lu Yi said, everyone mature age is not the same, he will not say how old rules can begin, feel the child mature after it. Of course, today’s entertainment, the existence of the two generation of stars is not a minority. A lot of people in their monasteries, grow up to have entered the circle. For this phenomenon, Lu Yi said, he and his wife are not deliberately against her daughter into the entertainment circle, just think this too hard, I believe that every parents do not want their children and themselves engaged in the same occupation. But if her daughter insisted on interested in this, father Lu Yi is bold and will help her daughter own investment. (struggle for Utopia):.相关的主题文章: