MBA exam pro forma 5 major aspects: the master English exam exam includes several MBA English vocabulary, reading, translation and writing, from the previous coaching experience, because English is not on the line and get the job candidates is not in the minority, so I hope you pay enough attention. In order to guide you, summed up the following sections of these methods, we hope to learn from the use of. First, the word English as a language discipline, repeated memory and reading is essential. The word as a cornerstone, needless to say. Of course, the word to have a grasp of the heat, if the candidates they can smoothly understand Zhenti ideas, can no longer open borders, to have memorized the mastery of good. It is because the word never keep up, and even if you know some new words, the points may also be of no help. So words can be accumulated according to their own circumstances, but in any case is a basic. Two, reading comprehension questions can be said to be a big challenge to the candidates, review the exam when you can get good grades, but bad review is likely to be a big part of points. So for MBA candidates, it is recommended that we must start early, a lot of accumulation, the cultivation of language sense, not in the exam before the surprise review. In the process of review, but also pay attention to training with exercises. In the time to do we can look at the question first, underline the key words in the title, in the. For example, the introduction of personal apposition can not see, the key is at the end of each sentence, and. Look at the title and look at the words, the topic sentences should grasp. Pay attention to the question of the meaning of the sentence itself should carefully analyze the understanding. The topic is born for the whole text, underline the topic sentence, the general articles are the topic sentence, even if there is no must also form the topic sentence in mind, grasp the theme is the key and prerequisite questions, analysis options for answers. Three, translation is also very difficult to translate, but the average translation is almost the same. If you have enough time, suggest that we can learn from the English translation gradually. If the time allocated to English is small, the translation should be translated into an efficient and efficient way. Generally speaking, the first part of the translation is to write down the meaning of each English sentence components, and then string into Chinese sentences. To remind us that the result of our translation is Chinese, not english. A lot of students to the head numb, so can not distinguish between English and chinese. But if you know, that’s the difference. Four, the composition of the composition is relatively simple, the core requirements are concise, complete. The number of words does not require much, but also in the answer card and time allocation on the time you do not have any time to play, simple. Complete must be reflected, is the application of the various formats should have what you have emerged, such as the name, politeness, inscription and so on. The composition is not written, but you are not to understand and master the application of paper, can not be used, and even can be said that the form and content is not heavy. The composition, it is difficult to say simple, very simple相关的主题文章: