Media three asked about school violence: inadequate punishment or lack of education? The Sohu opened education website, enter the "campus violence" a few words, a big jump in front now hit video dial: beatings, forced off, crazy slapped, swallow strong filth…… Every video shocking. The school should be the most sunshine, safe place, but when the "bully" behavior has hurt the children’s physical and mental health, the impact of social moral bottom line, we must ask, what is the reason for the child to become violent? The violent video reveal to the public advantages or disadvantages? What can be done to effectively prevent bullying? Ask: why violence psychological violence occur frequently, violence against students not take it seriously? Not long ago, occurred in campus violence in Beijing Aviation Institute of tourism. Two girls in the dormitory was beaten by a number of female students, resulting in a tear in the mouth, multiple injuries. And even more shocking is that after the incident, the girls had hit in the WeChat circle of friends published photos of police cars and police, and allot of police have immunity "" this few days?" Such as the text of ridicule. In the bullying and violence, the most terrible is not to regard it as right of the perpetrators. Some children are "naive" to believe that violence is acceptable, is able to solve the problem; some children to violence most probably it did not actually happen as a "attention" or "set down" way; some children take the initiative to record video upload network, the violent acts as a "show"…… The emergence of these phenomena, reflects the distortion of the values of young people. Adolescent children’s physical and mental development is not complete, the brain’s prefrontal cortex is not yet mature, coupled with the surge of hormones, so emotional instability, easy to lose temper, poor self-regulation is a common phenomenon. This is also a major cause of violence in young people." Capital Normal University psychological quality education guidance expert Yang Zhiying said: "apart from the physiological factors, the main reason is the cognition of the violence of teenagers deviation. The emergence of deviation is closely related to the environment, including family, society and many other aspects." "Largely, the root of bullying in the family." Researcher Chu Zhaohui Chinese Educational Scientific Research Institute, said: "we found in the survey, many children violence have similar family background or family is superior, that no matter what happened, parents can settle; or family is bad, had been violent towards their parents experience. The child’s growth is a process of continuous learning, parents to deal with the problem, often lead to children’s imitation." Do not talk about the rules of procedure, dealing with the problem is simple and crude, lack of awareness of democratic consultation, and so on the social environment, but also subtly affect the child, the campus has become a breeding ground for bullying." Chu Zhaohui explained: "such as movies and television dramas in the violence to solve the problem of the plot, a large number of fighting, killing the situation in the network game, these will let the children form a" psychological immune. ". That is to say, when the child is accepted and used to violence, violence is a normal phenomenon相关的主题文章: