The year of the monkey first week market to pick up part of the company equity pledge "warning" lifted Sina Financial Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor the reporter Shao, good editor Sun Fang Yang received the first week of the year of the monkey smooth, once made investors nervous of the listed company equity pledge warning some to temporarily lift. In February 19th, Mao industry communications announced that the controlling shareholder of the trillion investment has added margin to the Great Wall securities, and the warning line, open line and liquidation performance guarantee ratio of some shares of listed companies pledged by the trillion investment pledge have declined. This means that a few days ago or will affect the company’s actual control of the stability of the equity pledge risk temporarily lifted. Prior to this, Mao industry communications in January 29th announced that some of the shares of the company pledged investment risk has emerged, if the liquidation may lead to changes in the actual control of the company. To this end, Mao communications announced the suspension on the same day, by taking effective measures to reduce investment risk, in order to maintain the stability of the company’s equity. "Mao industry communication can internalize risks in a short time, except for the additional margin of Chinese trillion investment, the rapid warming of the market after the festival is also an important reason." Insiders analysis, Mao industry communication suspension time just fell low in this round, the company helpless suspension response. In the first week of the monkey market overall rebound, the downward pressure on stocks is not large. Back in the past week the market trend, the impact of A shares has not been overseas during the Spring Festival, the market slump, the rapid rise in the lower opening, one week or up to 3.49%, turnover is higher than before the holiday has been enlarged, the reform of state-owned enterprises, virtual reality, network security and other parts of the plate by the funds sought. The rapid rebound of the market also makes the valuation center to be improved, and then the stock price is rising, and affected by it, the relevant shareholders who encounter the pledge crisis due to the decline of the previous stock price obtained the "breathing machine"". According to incomplete statistics, a week after the Spring Festival, including Mao industry communication, there are deep Wafa A, Tin shares, and a total of five gold leaf jewelry Haihong holdings company announced the "equity pledge (or lever) alert", related shareholders (or ESOP) shares held by the company no longer exists open risk, company stock will resume trading. For example, deep Wafa A announcements, in order to cope with the crisis of the controlling shareholder equity pledge, Wuhan constant will hold its pledge has not been part of the company’s shares were pledged to reduce unwinding risk at the same time, also will be held by the pledge of shares ratio increased to 99.58%. It is worth mentioning that these stocks after the resumption were to show a good trend, Mao industry communication, Tin shares, deep Wafa A resumption of the day also are completed "the word board limit. In this regard, insiders said that at present, although the market for the better, "unwinding risk" temporarily eased, but does not mean that the pledge risk has no need to worry. The early warning of equity pledge has sounded the alarm to some important shareholders of listed companies. Moderate pledge and lower risk are more conducive to the stable operation of the company. Reporters noted that not all stocks experiencing equity pledge risk have bid farewell to the crisis theory

猴年首周市场回暖 部分公司股权质押“警报”解除 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙记者 邵好 ○编辑 孙放   猴年首周顺利收阳,一度令投资者紧张不已的上市公司股权质押警报也有部分得以暂时解除。   2月19日,茂业通信公告称,公司控股股东中兆投资已向长城证券追加了保证金,中兆投资质押的上市公司部分股份的警戒线、平仓线和平仓履约保障比例等均已下降。这意味着,数日前或将影响公司实际控制权稳定的股权质押风险暂时解除。此前,茂业通信1月29日突发公告称,中兆投资质押的公司部分股份已出现平仓风险,如果平仓可能导致公司实际控制权发生变更。为此,茂业通信当日便宣布停牌,由中兆投资采取有效措施降低融资风险,以保持公司股权的稳定性。   “茂业通信能在短时间内化险为夷,除中兆投资追加保证金之外,节后市场快速转暖也是重要原因。”有业内人士分析,茂业通信停牌时机恰在此轮下跌低位,公司无奈停牌应对。而面对猴年首周市场整体回暖,个股的下跌压力已经不大。   回溯过去一周的市场走势,A股并未受到春节期间海外市场暴跌的影响,在低开之后迅速上扬,单周涨幅高达3.49%,成交量亦较节前有所放大,国企改革、虚拟现实、网络安全等部分板块受到资金追捧。   市场快速回暖也使得估值中枢得以提升,随之水涨船高的则是个股的股价,受其影响,因前期股价下跌而遭遇质押危机的相关股东获得了“喘息之机”。   据不完全统计,春节后一周内,包括茂业通信在内,共有深华发A、锡业股份、海虹控股及金叶珠宝总计五家公司宣布“股权质押(或杠杆)警报解除”,相关重要股东(或员工持股计划)所持公司股份已不存在平仓风险,公司股票亦随之复牌。   例如,深华发A公告显示,为应对股权质押危机,其控股股东武汉中恒将其持有尚未质押的部分公司股份进行了质押,降低平仓风险的同时,也将所持股份的质押比例提升至99.58%。   值得一提的是,上述个股在复牌之后均展现出了不错的走势,茂业通信、锡业股份、深华发A复牌当日还均完成了“一字板”涨停。   对此,有业内人士表示,目前尽管行情向好使得“平仓风险”暂时获得缓解,但并不意味着质押风险已无需担忧。前期的股权质押警报已经给部分上市公司重要股东敲响警钟,适度质押、降低风险更有利于公司稳健运行。   记者注意到,并不是所有遭遇股权质押风险的个股均已告别危机。目前,还有少数此前披露过“控股股东股票质押风险”的公司仍未就解决措施及结果发布公告。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: