"Mrs. Long live" Xi son acting outbreak audience _36 > Mrs. Long live tears trickling down cheeks; > > click to enter the Tencent to watch video, "Mrs." long live entertainment news recently by the Tencent, Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Morni Chang, Ziqi Zhao, Xi son co starred in the TV series "long live the wife" is Anhui TV, Tianjin satellite TV, with the subtle relationship between characters and drama get the audience attention. In the latest episode, Chu Shengnan played the role of Xi zi. As a new generation of 90 actress, in the interpretation of this set of Chu Shengnan "daughter", "wife", "mother" three identity role has a remarkable performance, received praise from the audience constantly. Yesterday’s story, Chu Shengnan’s biological mother to return home, the news of the pregnancy of Tokuchi Katsuo, they asked him to take care of her boyfriend. The lost love wins for a surprise visit mother was disgusted by all means to get rid of her. So they staged a mall lost mother farce, and Chu Shengnan in order to escape the sight of the mother running, almost led to abortion. In the hospital, the mother and daughter finally broke the knot for years, Xi son acting on line, together with the mother and the old resentments, emotional rhythm master degree, gun language Lianzhu, perfect show an actor’s strength, attracted the audience indulge in such tears trickling down cheeks, in terms of endearment. Xi son was an outstanding actor in a number of 90, drama experience, for the lines and character emotion rhythm have a more mature cognition, so the performance also can hold just perfect. The star of "long live the wife" is the first film and television dramas, Xi son, and Xi son but let the audience feel the energy and effort, 90 beautiful actress, acting online, looking forward to the future more works of xi.相关的主题文章: