Network audio-visual industry heavyweights industry pulse "to do word-of-mouth explosion according to the third party statistics, in 2016, the number of online video users more than 500 million, total industry revenue grew 10 billion to 1 in August, an increase of more than 55% of the total amount of playing. The video site is probably the dance for joy, paying users, this means that for ten years only through a single mode of selling advertising revenue was finally broken. A good day for video sites? Yesterday, "2016 Shanghai network audio-visual season and the eighth session of the Chinese network Audio-Visual Industry Forum opened in Shanghai, the industry heavyweights gathered for the future of the entire industry pulse. Users pay more in June last year, an explosion of drama "the sun" for seed into independent broadcast power Iqiyi took the unimaginable number of paying members. Subsequently, the various video sites have followed, recharge the show becomes a trend, and intensified. Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu said: "I don’t have companies publicly available data, but we have to understand the data, this year is the last year to pay income branch several times." Increase in paid users, not only bring economic benefits. In Gong Yu’s view, it can also stimulate the quality of the work to improve, before the drama by the website or television procurement, usually a small number of people to decide what the public to see. And now it’s a real user." In mainstream video sites, the average age of Bilibili users may be the lowest, so the chairman Chen Rui look at the issue of the angle is also standing on the young man’s position: why pay more and more popular site? Why do we now think that piracy is a shameful thing? I think there is a very close relationship with the development of the 90. Since childhood education and life on the full, so that they become a true cultural self-confidence, moral self-discipline and the generation of human culture." Homemade content to earn money to sell advertising, selling members, is not to let the video site earned pots full bowl? Not necessarily. Penguin pictures CEO Sun Zhonghuai said, copyright prices remain high, is the key to the video site failed to profit, "play our super 50% growth, but the price of the copyright cost is doubled or even is more than two times the growth, this is a sore point for the largest us." Therefore, in recent years, video sites have begun to play a homemade". Founded in September last year, the penguin pictures, in less than a year, launched the network drama "ghost blows Jingjue city", "network ensemble you normally do" and "let me go" North nose etc.. But one (Youku potatoes) group is already tasted the sweetness, which will be launched in November of the "Mars 2" as the CIA has won more than $300 million in revenues title. Admittedly, the birth of the original content of the video site change, it can not only alleviate the copyright price of pain, can also provide good support for the realization of our own R & D, "the contents of the whole industry chain take all, many aspects of the income can be shared." Sun Zhonghuai said that the overall increase in the contents of the net investment, is now the consensus of the industry. Word of mouth is not enough to burst the impressive record of these video industry chiefs do not meet, Sun Zhonghuai sharply pointed out: now the network homemade programs, relying on vulgar content Bo eye, take相关的主题文章: