One of the ten wonders of the world the Great Wall thirteen, do you know what the Great Wall is also called the Great Wall, military engineering in ancient china. State Bureau of cultural relics in 2009 for the first time announced the the Great Wall survey data, the total length of 8851.8 km of China’s Ming Dynasty the Great Wall, is one of the world’s top ten wonders. First off: Shanhaiguan Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan, also known as "Yu", is located in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, 15 km northeast of Hongwu fourteen years for Wei Guan, because the mountain breasted sea, named Shanhaiguan. "The best in all the land" reputation. This plaque is 5.19 meters long, 1.5 meters high, which is the famous Ming Dynasty Calligrapher’s book. Second: Jixian County Huangyaguan Yanmenguan, one of the ten Tianjin thistle North impregnable, located in the most north of Jixian County 30 kilometers east, also known as the "small Yanmenguan", when the Northern Qi Dynasty built, rebuilt in the Ming dynasty. Chapter three: "the best in all the land" Juyongguan Pass, pass "the best in all the land Xiongguan" said, Beijing in Changping District, the name began in the Qin dynasty. North and south two points, "south south", called "north of juyongguan". Yan has become a military strategic pass, the Han Dynasty has a considerable size, then Li Tang, Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasties, the city of Juyong canyon. Gen Gi Khan put the gold into the clearance, the existing gateway was built in Hongwu period. Fourth: Hebei Province, Yixian County city Zijingguan Zijingguan, located in the northwest of Hebei Province, Yixian County City 45 km Bauhinia ridge, since ancient times is one of the important gateway to the North China Plain, said Gu Guan Han, Han five Ruan Guan, and Po Yin diameter, Zhuang Guanzhi said. It was built during the Warring States period, and Juyongguan, daomaguan known as three in the. The history of Zijinguan has fought 140 times, of which the most famous is the 1213 Gen Gi Khan School of Juyongguan can divide, and from within the Zijingguan beat Jinbing, both Juyongguan succeeded. Ming orthodox fourteen years after the civil, Mongolia army broken Zijingguan approaching Beijing. Fifth: Hebei Province, Tangxian County daomaguan daomaguan, daomaguan Simon, the East Gate City have been demolished in the repair of the road, is located in the northwest of Hebei province China Tangxian County 60 kilometers down the Macun, one of the routes for the Hebei plain in Taihang Mountain. "One man opens" risk, because of steep mountain road, is often named after the fall. After the Ming Dynasty daomaguan known. The existing daomaguan city was built in the Ming Jingtai years, and Juyongguan, as in threepasses zijinguan. Sixth: Pingxingguan Shanxi province is located in Shanxi province Datong Pingxingguan Lingqiu County Bai Ya Tai Xiang, Ming Zhengde construction in the Great Wall after a flat ridge, and built in Guanling customs house. Flat city rests flat south of the Five Ridges Lu, Gucheng bottle shaped village, with the surrounding terrain such as bottle named. When the bottle shaped gold town, the Ming and Qing said flat Guan Ling, after this name change. Very early history is guarding the land around more than 900 feet, the north and south east the door, door engraved "flat ridge" three characters. 1937 pingxingguanvictory, Japanese wiped out thousands of people, is the first big victory China army since the outbreak of the war, but also in the battle against the Japanese army China actively for the first time to the Japanese attack and achieve victory in battle. Seventh off: turn off migraine migraine Pianguan County, is located in the Yellow River Pianguan county. And.相关的主题文章: