P2P is facing reshuffle thirteen "iron law" defines the focus on the main business platform Chen Ruogu drawing tabulation Zhai Chao editor’s note: yesterday, the concern of the "network credit information agency business activity management Interim Measures" officially landed. Many industry insiders said, P2P net loan industry experienced a previous barbaric growth, the next year will usher in a reshuffle tide, and the overall industry growth is expected to be a temporary slowdown, even many platforms will collapse. Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu compared to last year’s draft, the approach added more stringent management requirements, and provides for a period of 12 months of rectification platform transition. Insiders said, is expected in the future, many platforms will take the initiative to exit, for the protection of the rights and interests of the investors and regulators to make plans to prevent the high standards brought about by the turmoil affected the interests of investors reshuffle. CBRC Inclusive Finance Department Director Li Junfeng said, on the net loan business supervision, focus on the development of business rules to improve the filing system to replace the previous market expectations of licensed access management, to strengthen it in the post regulation. At the same time, adhere to the bottom line of regulatory thinking, the implementation of negative list management, clear net lending institutions can not engage in the thirteen prohibitions. In addition, the principle of "dual responsibility" to carry out the division of labor supervision and coordination, clear the CBRC and its dispatched offices and local financial regulatory departments of their respective regulatory functions. There are three major changes since the end of December last year issued on the measures for the administration of credit institutions network after the draft compared with the draft, the CBRC revised and improved according to the views collected, the final version. Li Junfeng said, compared to the draft, the approach has three major differences. First, to further clarify the regulatory framework of net lending institutions, to take appropriate supervision, the concept of collaborative supervision. In the main regulatory body, clear the central regulatory authorities and the local government "double responsible" regulatory arrangements. Specifically, the CBRC and its dispatched institutions as the central financial supervision departments responsible for the implementation of the supervision of the behavior of net loan institutions, including the development of specific policies and measures and standardize the development of unified supervision and management system, and is responsible for net lending institutions of the supervision of the daily business activities; local financial supervision departments responsible for the implementation of regulatory agencies in the area net loan institutions, specific including guidance, record management and risk prevention and treatment work in the area net lending institutions. In addition, the main responsibilities of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the regulation of telecom business involves the net lending institutions in practice; main duties of the Ministry of public security is led by Internet Security Supervision on the net loan business activities; the state Internet information office is responsible for the supervision of the main responsibilities of financial information services, Internet information service. According to the idea of decentralization, net loan regulation to ex post regulation, filing system and non licensed access management. The so-called filing system, there is no threshold and premise conditions (such as capital requirements, executives qualifications etc.), net loan applicants as long as according to the complete information to the relevant departments for registration, obtain the telecommunications business license." Li Junfeng said. Two is to further clarify the positioning of the net loan institutions,.相关的主题文章: