"Panda" Zhao Bandi water painting Chopin – new network in the newspaper news (reporter Wang Yan) as "Panda" image appeared media artist Zhao Bandi, just held "China Party on the outskirts of Chengdu Shanquan town? Chopin" culture party, opened the third period of his artistic creation, the point is to make new interpretation of the art of today. In the beautiful scenery, a magnificent ancient Brown triangle piano, was a "bubble" in the central pool. Soak together with the piano in the pool, and the canvas and easel painter. In Chopin music, Zhao Bandi hang around in the pool, or near or far to observe the experience from time to time, take pictures, will draw on the canvas? Water to create a new work for a while, "Chinese Party? Chopin", and all this scene is a part of Zhao Bandi’s "Chinese Party". Zhao Bandi told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the event originated from the idea of the oil painting "Chinese Party Chopin"?. "The music of Chopin, so far, and so close to my heart, and not only induction, and also echoed all around. His sad, beautiful, cheerful, desperate for me to understand the reality of China, today’s reality, add a delicate tentacles. And I often look at the reality of China as Party, art is another layer of the world we touch. "Chinese Party? Chopin" this picture will condense my sense of reality, and my thinking about art."相关的主题文章: