Pastoral killer African snail steal into Chengdu at the Shuangliu Airport intercepted African snail Chengdu daily client reporter from the Sichuan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, October 27th, Chengdu airport entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Shuangliu International airport immigration scene intercepted a snail, preliminary identification of quarantine pests of African snail. African big snail, commonly known as brown cloud agate snail, French snail, Chengdu port for the first time intercepted. Inspection and quarantine staff to determine the snail inbound travelers as a new international pet carry immigration laws and regulations, on-site inspection and quarantine were abandoned. Large African snail body shell length of 7-8 cm, the maximum can be more than 20 cm, hi habitat in the rich vegetation of the dark and humid environment and much humus. Native to the east coast of Africa, has spread to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions. Are prohibited from entering the country two kinds of quarantine pests. Can harm more than 500 kinds of crops, including crops, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, etc., the impact of agricultural production can not be estimated. Internationally known as "pastoral killer". Has been included in the first batch of 16 invasive alien species in china. Sichuan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the public, with the Shuangliu International Airport opened international flights and passengers have increased substantially, passenger source complex, carrying with objects prohibited from entering the country in many cases. Inspection and quarantine departments to build the country’s bio security defense system, the formation of "man – machine – Dog" inspection mode, and resolutely refuse to be outside the country. Chengdu Daily reporter Zhong Qianni recommended reading: the client was intercepted at Chengdu port as the giant African snail pest entry Seychelles snail banned 17 years no see traces of this year "appeared" Chengdu Alaska dog online shopping has become Chinese pastoral dogs in Mianyang dug 9 tombs of the Eastern Han Dynasty two thousand years ago reproduction pastoral life (figure) Hongqiao airport runway incursion event: two wing tip distance 13 meters brewing disaster risk相关的主题文章: