Ping an eye in the sky many astronomical party vocals completed excited Sina entertainment news September 25th, Ping An [micro-blog] invited to Pingtang international astronomical science culture park, together with other guests to witness this important moment to open the eye in the sky ". "Eye" the opening of our country at the forefront of science to achieve a major breakthrough, to accelerate the original significance of innovation driven development. The peace was invited to participate in the show and other guests together for astronomers to build a science and technology show a visual and auditory combination. On the same day, peace arrived at the venue in advance, was invited to participate in the first tour of astronomical experience tour. Ping An micro-blog revealed that he still excited and said: "for me since childhood love of astronomy, shock excited can not describe my mood, climb up 1900 steps to see a cauldron of value." Subsequently, Ping also visited the planetarium, watching the ball screen movies. On the day of the party scene, peace for the audience brought the song "pursuit" and "I love you China". Eleven national day is coming, Ping also by the song "I love you" is the 95 anniversary of the founding of Chinese and the victory of the Red Army 80 anniversary gift, led open rosy October.相关的主题文章: