"Political commissar Sha Yi boasted of yen value as" awarded Sina entertainment news 32 set the washboard "commissar" drama will be landing in Liaoning in October 19th, Henan satellite tv. The play by the Zhejiang Tak television produced by Limited by Share Ltd, the famous director Zhi Lei, the famous actor Sha Yi [micro-blog], Hu He [micro-blog] for [micro-blog], Lu and Li Yiyi, Zhao Qi, Wang Qianhang and many other powerful actor gathered. Bring a KMT Yunnan 278 group has been the central army pushed for the audience, it decides to go to the Eight Route Army, and in the political commissar of the guide and formulate, successful return to the ranks of the Communist Party’s story. "" tells the story of the original political commissar dongbeikanglian, old Qiu (Sha Yi ornaments) in the condition of extremely hard and bitter with the Japanese bloody years, in that the KMT Yunnan 278 regiment Song Yunjie (Lv Hangshi) was the Eight Route Army to intentionally, decided to accept the surrender of the team to help the 278 regiment, successful uprising, and during the old Qiu lost his wife Miao Gu (Hu Keshi) in the county again. After being betrayed, the torture and escape numerous hardships, old Qiu has always been the cause of the party in the political commissar of the old Qiu Yunnan true to the core, led and black dragon head cliff Wanhu (Qiao Hanshi), Long Mei (Li Yiyi ornaments) under the help, through blood and fire baptism, eventually became the Eight Route Army a strong internal effective strength. In October 13th, the film side launch press conference held, the drama starring Sha Yi, Zhao Qi, Qiao Han and Hou Xiang went to the site, we contact with zero distance, and share the wonderful fun drama. Sha Yi boasted the crew values Yan scene to play with Qiao Han, "Zhao Qi" the other "in the field of strong mutual conference, in addition to playing the old Qiu Sha Yi, as well as the Dragon Wanhu the actor Qiao Han, actor Zhao Qi and Du Colonel Sun Erlei actors Hou Xiang arrived at the scene as a guest. Four people laugh at each other on stage, the audience is more relaxed, Joe culvert in the play because between sister long Mei and Hu He played with the old Qiu Gu Miao "triangle relationship," Sha Yi said ". It can be seen that four people are not only a partner in the play, but also a private friend. Who is concerned about the value of a few people to play, Sha Yi admitted that, of course, I was a child on the election". Subsequently, Sha Yi to the old Qiu identity to three characters of three letters, respectively is the head of the "original Du firm belief, beware of being the villain", "dragon Wanhu do brother, we do brothers, join us a big boy," and Sun Erlei’s "marksmanship again on time. Don’t fire", played three plays the role of character and plot. As for the performance of the three actors, Sha Yi is to evaluate their own performance style and state, are interpreted and created a different role. Sun Erlei turned up the knife king "Sha Yi" you grow back on genetically modified food "the Sha Yi in the play this is a cook, but a promotion became the commissar, Sha Yi for playing a positive role, highly recognized who plays Du Zhongyuan Zhao Qi," he looks is a political commissar of the face". However, actor Hou Xiang does not agree with this,.相关的主题文章: