Suzhou 627 people through the national judicial examination of the youngest of 19 years old from the Municipal Bureau of justice news, this year the national judicial examination results have been announced, there are 627 people in the city passed the exam, which is divided into a maximum of 442 points. It is worth mentioning that my city public security and other legal personnel occupation gradually younger, the age of the examination in the youngest only 19 years old. According to statistics, in the exam, the sex ratio was essentially flat, 314 male and 313 female; from the age structure, with a larger proportion of young people under the age of 25, 261 people, accounting for 41.6%, 25 to 35 years old 280 people, accounting for 44.7%, the youngest only 19 years old, the average age of 27 according to the analysis of education; Bachelor degree level, 498 people, accounting for 79.4%, Graduate 49 people, accounting for 7.8%; it is worth mentioning that this year the city public security, procuratorate and court, judicial and administrative law occupation personnel by 143 people, accounting for 22.8%, indicating the legal quality of our city public security law and occupation. The higher the. Since the implementation of the national judicial examination system, Suzhou enrollment and the number of climbing, there are more than 7 thousand people pass the test and get the legal occupation qualification, legal personnel, a large number of high-quality professional selection and reserves, make a positive contribution to the construction of rule of law in Suzhou. Suzhou Municipal Bureau of justice for many years to achieve the organization and implementation of zero error, zero complaint service candidates "double zero goals this year, was awarded the advanced collective 2013 to 2015 annual national judicial examination of Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice.相关的主题文章: