The industry talk about summer slump: too much rubbish, ticket yet – Sohu entertainment thirteenth digital cinema forum, the industry of   summer doldrums; Sohu entertainment news (Harbin maiwen) second quarter of this year, the national film box office last year began a decline. To the original hot summer file every year, or continue to slump. What is the reason for this? Is it a few years to soar to the shadow of the city to the inflection point? In August 25th thirteenth Beijing digital cinema forum, talked about the recent very concerned, Shenzhen Tai long as speaker of the information (for theaters and cinemas technology solutions) chairman Chen Longjun said, mainly because of too much rubbish, but not the ticket. 2015 online seat selection tickets reached more than 70% share. But after the online ticket after a period of consolidation of mergers and acquisitions, only BAT (Baidu Nuomi, Ali Amoy ticket, Tencent WeChat movie tickets) plus cat four oligarchs. After the pattern is stable, any one can not form an absolute monopoly, to move up huge market share position. So the ticket gradually began to ebb. Who is the rest of the ticket? Only film side. But after this year, the film side of the vote also entered the rational stage." In addition, this year’s film market is very impetuous. In particular, the summer file, a lot of film watercress score below 5 points. What do you mean? Basically trash, low grade. One ticket, although not everyone is willing to." In Chen Longjun’s view, prime time movie development continues, this year just to make quick money under the condition of low quality content, hit the box office no subsidies, two factors superimposed together, leading the audience to see a movie. If there is a good film, the audience is willing to consume.   相关的主题文章: