The 11 year double Bull Stock innovation high Huijin and many other institutions of potential profits We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: 11 years double Bull Stock innovation high institutions latent profit Chinese fund newspaper reporter Fang Peiyan according to statistics, since this year the stock price doubled in the past two months and recorded a record total of 11, among them, Huijin seize the top three Niugu Sichuan Shuangma, Huang, Ding Tai new material well, the pillars of the new material, Dalian porcelain; in addition, the Huaan fund, Minsheng Bank and Schroder fund company of the stock layout. The first big bull stock this year Sichuan Shuangma, so far this year or up to 265.95%, and from the end of the two quarter to 7 yuan, the highest price of 29.13 yuan, has more than 330%. From the company’s three quarterly bulletin, the agency only Huijin caught Sichuan Shuangma rally in the three quarter, Huijin holdings of 109 thousand shares, with the number of shares 1 million 621 thousand and 300 shares rose to Sichuan between Sixth shareholders; it is worth mentioning that, since the three quarter of last year to 4 million 512 thousand and 300 shares held by gold card company, three the quarter has been out of the list of top ten shareholders, in addition, the two quarter of 1 million 958 thousand and 800 new shares and 1 million 585 thousand and 900 shares respectively the butterfly color information management and the state securities, in the three quarter have quit the ranks of its top ten shareholders. Huang Ding Tai and new material since this year the share price rose 219.52%, 201.68%. Three of the Quarterly Bulletin shows that Huijin to also share the two stocks rally, held 1 million 326 thousand shares, 4 million 686 thousand and 200 shares. In addition, kehuitong still ranked 25 million 529 thousand and 600 shares of Dingtai new material the first largest shareholder position to private securities investment No. 5 in the three quarter of 1 million 350 thousand new shares for Shanxi Dingtai new material sixth shareholders. According to the fund three quarterly report shows that the Huaan fund’s fund and the livelihood of the people of the fund’s holdings of the fund’s holdings of the fund is only 2, but not in the top ten tradable shareholders list of 3. The entertainment this year the share price rose to 178.3%. However, at the end of the three quarter, only the new impetus of Huaan flexible configuration fund holds the stock, the top ten shareholders of circulation in the absence of a fund figure. In addition, the share price rose fifth, ranking seventh, tenth, eleventh, Yuantong express Jacques technology, dragon pipe industry and become the object of favor Xinhai shares fund. Fund three quarterly show, the end of the three quarter, Yuantong express and the Dragon pipe industry were 18, 8 held by the fund, Jacques technology fund 5 and 109 of the national social security fund portfolio holdings, and Xinhai shares up to 41 funds was in favor of. Specifically, the largest share of the net Xinhai shares more than 5% of the 12 funds, such as bank advantage industry; Yi Fangda Jacques technology accounted for the net value growth holdings more than 5%; harvest theme selection, event driven, such as Cathay Pacific Cathay guaranteed holds the Dragon pipe industry more; bank selection, Bank of growth A holds the Yuantong express on相关的主题文章: