The cake shop owner: shallot license now do not come down (Figure) in an interview during the two hours, a big sigh again and again appears to have been heavy-hearted. Morning news trainee reporter Xie Ceng Pan Wen yesterday morning news network "red", "close to Welsh Onion cake" in an article, popular by BBC reported "a scallion cake", because the license once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. Yesterday, the reporters came to Nanchang at the junction of the onion bakery again, closure notices posted on the door, numerous admiring chowhound didn’t even have failed, queuing opportunity. After many setbacks, the reporter came to interview the rest at home, master. He said that although there have always been people who want to talk about cooperation to shop, but his older, the body is not good, do not want to move to other places, and said the onion Thursday bakery opened here if not to continue to do business, business closed". Neighbors said, very good yesterday 8, Maoming South Road, Lane 159 No. 2 building entrance, a few people have been hovering in front of the lane, from time to time and come up with a mobile phone camera. The door was shot with a yellow paper and a new white paper, yellow paper with the words "Shanghai traditional features a Welsh Onion cake", written on white paper "due to family problems, to suspend business for two days". The side of Mr. Liu is to store pictures, he lived in Fengxian, more than 6 in the morning departure from home, sitting in the car more than two hours to get here, eat "cold-shoulder treatment". Mr. Liu said: "take a picture, or to give an account of his wife." After rumors there were complaints "smoke problem, onion cake" and queue nuisance, nearby residents can see this? The reporter interviewed around a few households, roughly divided into two factions, one part that many people lined up to buy bread every day, some six in the morning came, the recent media reports, there are one or two at night over the line, more or less impact on nearby residents. Another part of the said that a large here to do a few decades, and did not cause trouble to nearby residents, there is no smoke, but the fragrance will be floating near the pancake. Although the views are different, but they agreed that the neighborhood is more harmonious, a big treat is also very good. 15:15, the reporter left the scene, still see someone come to buy a cake, and then disappointed to leave. Confused dwelling in the ten square room door, and the events of the protagonist, and where is he? The reporter twists and turns, at noon yesterday to contact a chef, he walked into the pavement from pancakes not far from home. On the dark stairs, through the darkened corridor, there are three households, the master of the floors, one of which is a large room, daily living. Knocked on the door, a man hunched trembling and opened the door to a master closed today at home, alone in the room, the first impression is thin. This is only a dozen square meters of the room, separated by a pile of debris in the attic, the toilet outside the hut, is shared with other households. There is a meter five in the room"相关的主题文章: