The family to Jiyuan seven filial duty table to serve the old woman from her mother’s side to chew the grapes, side with relish listening to opera arias, 79 year old Li Guiying, although the body in a wheelchair, but hale and hearty. The reporter exchanges with the elderly, found the old man articulate, flexible thinking. "Although my mother was blind, action inconvenience, also sick sick, but spirits good." Slim 56 year old Zhang took care of the old mother. About the specific approach to take care of his mother, Zhang Xiaojing took out a "zhiribiao". Do a Home Dishes for mother, with the mother to do physical examination, and back to the mother’s feet, nails…… In this "zhiribiao", which children when mother made what, are all detailed records. The old man has 7 daughters. Zhang slim is the two daughter of the elderly. The other sister busy work, as a slim housewife became a main force to serve the old mother "". "At the beginning of 2015, my mother’s condition deteriorated, so I tried to divert my mother’s attention. In support of the sisters, I made "zhiribiao"." Zhang Xiaojing said, all right, mother to read, mainly makes the elderly feel more warmth of family and daughter with love. Came to the old man living room, the reporter saw the bed clean and tidy, bedside milk, fruits, bread, etc.. Zhang Xiao Jing to take care of the mother, each step into the habit – the morning call of insulin, change diapers, brush, dressing, feeding…… "Elderly people walking, where to hold on hold. Sister to take care of his mother for a long time, know that the old man’s heart. The old man often says that no one else has a comfortable second." Three daughter Zhang Ziran said. In our family, filial piety is a habit." Zhang Xiaojing said cheerfully, we put the old mother like a baby, something to eat, drink, good use, all fall over each other to send home. Take good care of the old mother, pay is hard, harvest is happiness. Zhang Xiaojing said: "as a daughter, our greatest desire is to let her mother feel happy and happy life." (Jiyuan daily)相关的主题文章: