"Love journey" Zhu Yilong down noodles CP by Chen Peisi clean the new spark – Sohu entertainment teacher Chen Peisi and Zhu Yilong happy talk Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by the famous artist Zhu Shimao, popular niche Zhu Yilong starred in the movie "love journey" in Beijing held a media event. Director Zhu Shimao, starring Zhu Yilong, and guest teacher Chen Peisi and other creative have accepted the media interview, enjoyable scene. The interview, Zhu Yilong and Chen Peisi take the drama teacher shouted, fun, and with an open mind to learn a lot of old timers. Zhu Yilong said: very honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with the old play bone, the shooting scene often Chen Peisi and teacher exchanges and learn skills. Whether in the acting, or the attitude of acting, have benefited. But in and show up when the old drama of bone, Zhu Yilong did not small childish, two Biao play collision of the sparks to the whole scene full of wonderful. The old play bone Chen Peisi couldn’t help praising Zhu Yilong’s acting is good, very dedicated towards acting. As the movie popular niche, Zhu Yilong this year’s film and television works are also popular, much of our attention, has starred in "biography", "new Mi month", "Xiao Lang eleven new vagabondize" and other TV work. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy, with a high color value, outstanding acting has also been recognized by the industry, Zhu Yilong look in the movie "big screen" performance.   相关的主题文章: