The man spent three years collecting clues on his wife derailed with hydrochloric acid lover face Guilin evening news (reporter correspondent Tan Xi Shao Jiajia) found ambiguous relationship between his wife and others, a man not only spent three years collecting his wife derailment clues, also with hydrochloric acid splashed in the face of her lover. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Diecai District People’s Procuratorate, the man on suspicion of intentional injury was arrested according to law. Zhang is Li Riverside people, this year has been too confused. 3 years ago, Zhang accidentally found his wife Wang Li (a pseudonym) in the phone and other people’s ambiguous text messages, coupled with the period of time, Wang Li often go out to dance at night, very late to go home, but also with him to divorce. Zhang did not agree to divorce, but he also noticed something wrong, suspected Wang Li derailed. Later, Wang Li told Zhang she wanted to go out to work, they moved out to live. But Zhang has found that Wang Li is actually Qin Qiang (a pseudonym) and her lover live together. Zhang began secretly collecting evidence Wang Li derailment. In April 25th this year, Zhang met Wang Li near the Arctic square. He advised Wang Li to go home, but Wang Li didn’t want to quarrel with him. Angrily, Zhang home found ten years ago for the detection of ore remaining hydrochloric acid, and came to Wang Li and Qin strong place. Zhang first downstairs to call Wang Li, confirmed in the room, Wang Li see the opportunity to hide. Zhang kicked open the door, find a circle did not find Wang Li, only in the closet to see her clothes. In this way, Zhang put the gas in the room of Qin Qiang body, the hands of hydrochloric acid in the Qin Qiang face, and then fled the scene. Although Qin Qiang was rushed to a hospital, but his eyes acid burns, facial skin burns caused by the right eye of moderate deformity, right eyeball atrophy and visual acuity of the right eye blind level 5, identified constitute injured two and eight grade of disability. October 14th, Zhang to the local police station in Li Riverside when the business was arrested.相关的主题文章: