The prevalence of girls by their parents up to the next door grandpa but was repeatedly raped the other original title: parents work to ask the neighbors to take care of her daughter Qingdao nine year-old girl was raped neighbor sixty prosecutors are questioning a suspect. Text map reporter Li Zhen Beijing, a 19 year old college student Sohn login overseas secret website, will be purchased from the Internet or exchange of hundreds of children to upload pornographic videos to the forum. Police investigation found that more than 30 victims in the video for the majority of rural girls in remote areas, was raped and indecent video was recorded for sale. Recently, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully destroyed the spread of rape indecent girls pornographic information group, arrested in Beijing suspected of spreading obscene articles of the 8 suspects, and cooperate with local police arrested on suspicion of rape, molestation of girls 17 suspects. According to the investigation report of "the girls protection fund shows that in 2015 the national average daily exposure of child sexual abuse in 0.95 cases, and the data show that 1:7 is the exposure of the case and the actual case of the proportion of 80%, is an acquaintance of crime. Reporters from the city district Procuratorate, Licang District procuratorate and the Jimo court cases involving minors for the first public prosecutor and the judge learned, is currently involved in juvenile crime, sexual assault case are a high-risk situation. A case of school security molesting 7 girls Mandy is the first grade students of a primary school in the district this year, less than 8 years old, she was lovely and well behaved sensible. Mandy’s parents are migrant workers, Mandy is their second children, and sister Ling with a primary school, sister in grade four. The first grade class less than the fourth grade, sometimes at school very early, but the parents work hard, Mandy will sit in the school security room waiting for the sister school, and then wait for mom and dad to pick. Because Mandy frequented the security room, security and Liu familiar, but Mandy is unexpected, the attendant danger. One afternoon in June this year, Mandy school, at this time the sister is still in class, she came to the security room waiting for her sister. This is Liu Xiaomin on duty, he let the door after closing the door, he first looked at his mobile phone to Mandy, then began to cheat Xiao said, if he felt for her candy, if not to touch the told the teacher that she is a bad child. Xiaomin despite fear, but in the face of such a familiar adults do not dare to speak, in this way, Liu repeatedly on the implementation of indecency. After a period of time, Mandy’s mother, Ms. Wang found that children often have nightmares, wake up crying in her sleep, the character is not lively and cheerful. Ms. Wang asked her daughter is not encountered unhappy things, Mandy is shaking his head every time. Until July of this year, one night, Ms. Wang to help Xiaomin bath, the child said buttocks pain, she found the problem. In Ms. Wang’s questioning, Min Min out the truth. Ms. Wang’s husband immediately alarm. Case two neighbor out of evil hands Chen, a family of three years ago from the countryside to work in Qingdao, due to limited income, one family rented in a decrepit north. April this year, Chen Nvdong相关的主题文章: