The Russian Soviet star monument was painted "Patrick" – Sohu news as a fighting nation, the Russian people not only folk tough, sometimes is also unusual in brain circuits. According to Russian media reported on 12, recently, in the Russian city of Voronezh, there would be a monument to Soviet good pentagram, painted in Patrick SpongeBob SquarePants. Can’t see us close down. It was pretty serious…… Sorry, I didn’t hold back…… And feel the fattest star in the sky. The police Milo is very angry, said solemnly, if caught the suspect, will be sentenced to 15 days detention and fined 1000 rubles (about 100 yuan). It is reported that the local property companies have to re paint the stars paint, and the work of a total of 100 thousand rubles (about RMB 10 thousand). Things spread to China, netizens are curious: how do people go up? This seems to be not difficult for the fighting nation, right?   相关的主题文章: