The two dimension "ring 9" super girl Champion: feel upset – four ring 9 (Shi Zhaoyi) Tencent entertainment news (Bing Bing Wesley) last night (September 3rd), the 2016 champion opening night, originally in the bottom of the two dimension last week popular super girl ring 9 (Shi Zhaoyi) this week in a successful counter attack, and ultimately to "dark horse posture counterattack success, won the champion, even herself feel upset win. Before promising to win, and Zhang Xiaoyu, Wang Jinjin is a runner up and second runner up and fourth respectively. Last night, the night of the 2006 super girl champion Shang Wenjie, also a few degrees with ten years ago, in the finale of the link led four super girl singing "to sing" when she is choked restated his number I was in 2006 Super Girls Shang Wenjie, "super girl fans cause collective tears. Two dimensional broken ring 9 to win success: I feel upset last night, the four round of the competition is fierce, every player with the force. From the two dimension messenger ring 9, in the stage of super girl has to break the wall for dimension. She used the "new music babymatel", interpretation of the country man "my name is Bai Xiaofei" the theme song "infection", after Coco Lee beat the whole hi burst, then gives the evaluation and Invitations: "cow, I hope one day I can with you on stage hi song." 9 ring second first interpretation of the works is "Barcarolle", in the song, she will not only three different styles of songs with skewers, also presented her on stage for the first time in the super girl singing. The 9 circle in the stage of super girl singing in the last song, she filled Chinese lyrics "life name", this is her first time to write their own lyrics, sing the first song, Kenji Wu on the evaluation of this piece is short and deep, "not big, but the heart." Finally, in the circle of 9 fans who are boosting, and super delegates, super jury approval, with 450 million of the popular aspirations of this field the 2016 Super Girls championship finals night "popular, won the super girl champion," two dimension "successfully broken. From last week’s bottom to this week’s counter attack, ring 9 Championship had not been promising, in the course of the game, her popularity also was a few degrees, Zhang Xiaoyu comeback. In the face of the sudden win, I ring 9 also said he was ignorant, "I feel upset, totally did not expect this result, I think I need a mental construction to accept this thing." But she is very sure that the next step will continue to adhere to the two dimensional route, she also said, since it will not be empty, the burden on the body, the next step will not live up to today’s honor!" Shang Wenjie: not more than the current strongest ring 9 super girl who wins the championship, known as the "two dimensional world carnival", first with the two dimension and won the champion in the history of the super girl. But on the night of the four players in the circle of 9, singing is not the best, even the night of the performance also appeared out of tune, so when she win, also caused a lot of criticism. As a judge of Coco Lee, last night is also a few tears, repeatedly remember 22 years ago to participate in the singing competition scene, committee相关的主题文章: