The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the Datong Datong Lingqiu Jue temple Lingqiu Temple feel the vicissitudes of the Datong Lingqiu Jue Jue Temple Temple aka Puzhao temple, located 10 km southeast of Lingqiu City Redstone Leng Xiang Jue village, surrounded by mountains, Zijin Mountain, West Tanghe. According to Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty "Lingqiu county", the temple was founded in the Northern Wei Wo seven years (483), Liaoning, Ming and Qing repeated repairs. Most of the existing temples rebuilt in Qing dynasty. The temple building consists of two parts and the temple pagoda. The temple consists of three axes, three courtyards, more than 30 house. From the east gate to the north axis are the pavilion, the monument hall, bang building, point building, King Kong temple, Maitreya temple; axis is the gate of the bell tower and Drum Tower, king hall, fengtuo hall; West axis of the Wenchang Pavilion, the floor, the ocean palace, the temple really expensive. Each axle is equipped with a box. A total of 134 buildings, covers an area of 8100 square meters. All the buildings on the mountain, from the front to back gradually increased. Pagoda built in west central axis front yard, the existing tower rebuilt in Liaoning six years (1090), flat octagonal thirteen Mi Yanshi brick tower, 43.54 meters high. Lower double deck base. The first layer is a square, side length of 19.6 meters, an octagonal seat is provided with xumizuo, Fang Pu Bo, on the Pacific seat brackets. The first tower tower wall and inner layer is composed of planar octagonal, and coupons opened the door, the tower room 1 south central column carved Buddha statue, carved column North Avalokitesvara, walls painted with 60 square meters of the Liao Dynasty Murals, is precious. The tower 2 – 13 layers with the support brackets out hole brim, Miyan descending, the top tip save, on tiecha. The pagoda hung deep brick and sturdy, exquisite, exquisite spectacular, is a model of China’s existing Liaoning tower. Temple is located in the southwest side of about one hundred meters at the hill, there is a 5.23 meter tall small pagoda. Tower side of a well, 30 feet deep. The three wells tower called the "three". There are temples of Liaoning, Ming and Qing Dynasties Stone 11. Eleven years of the Han Dynasty (196 BC), the general Zhou Bo Chen was ordered to crusade in Mt. Hengshan Yang Wu consciousness hill, is founded in Lingqiu county. Lingqiu County in the south of the ancient water (now called Tanghe), from the northwest and southeast of the Pentium is a Nanshan aimen gorge. The famous and Jue Jue temple, located less than 10 kilometers into the aimen gorge. And you don’t think today feel lonely lonely, the old Jue area is a Wang Hou and the marvels of attention. Aimen Jue gorge and the rise and fall of it brought on have a direct relationship. Aimen gorge, also known as the "Pu Yin"". "Northwest started in Shanxi Lingqiu, Southeast of Hebei to Laiyuan pass. What is the "pass"? The northern and Southern Dynasties as "Shihchi variorum" Pei said: "the name of the vast mountain pass. Changshan Jingxing, Zhongshan has a hard pass." More popular, "is the mountain faulted or broken canyon. The previous history of twentieth Century between the Shanxi plateau and the North China Plain traffic, once rely mainly on the eight mountain pass road for walking into the chariot, the so-called "eight Taihang pass" in sixth ". Yong Qing genuine "annals of Shanxi mountains · volume" had described the situation: "Pu Yin is" by aimen gorge, via rock, road cutting capacity ride. Right wall plug thousands left Xiao Qiao, Zhang Jian hundreds of a vast, turbulent anger.相关的主题文章: