To this day Jinhua brown sugar fragrance village brewed brown sugar 1000 kg this time into the Jinhua Wuyi county Wang Zhai Zhen Guo Pu Zhu Cun, will be able to smell a pungent, sweet smell, and the sugar season once a year. In refineries, first of all to see is packed into a hill like sugar stems, each almost 2 meters long. In the sugar mill before the machine while eating sugar stems, while spit out the Milky juice. A pot of boiling water, constantly emitting heat, standing on the edge was partly hidden and partly visible. Sugar master from time to time stirring the pot of sugar syrup, with thick, dark colors. The master saw the opportunity to quickly put the cooling tank has become red sugar syrup poured into the wooden scoop, together with a shovel slot, sweet brown sugar is made. Villagers Zhu Dabo, Zhu Guo Pu village is famous brown sugar professional village, from the last century, 50s and 60s is known, almost every family all kinds of sugar this year stem, the village also has more than and 200 acres. Cao Qunyang, the director of virgin sugar, since sugar from mid 10, 24 hours a day and never stopped, sugar master turns posts, plus the nearby villagers brought sugar stalk, is estimated to be at the end of December to squeeze the sugar. Daily output of about 1000 kg, the price has remained at $30 per kg. Some farmers also have brown sugar sales of food and other cannabis sugars, sales and benefits are good.相关的主题文章: