UAV flying charging to solve life suck the problem of Tencent digital news (Jia He) British scientists at the Imperial College London recently demonstrated a new technology, it can wirelessly charge for UAV flight. In theory, we only need to be equipped with a car on the ground, you can let the UAV continued to fly in the air. More than 100 years ago, the great inventor Nikola · (Tesla) proposed the concept of "inductive coupling (inductive coupling)", the British scientists are using this technology. Two copper rings can coordinate each other, so that the frequency of electronic equipment coil is consistent, so as to achieve the purpose of wireless power transmission. For decades, scientists have been testing, but failed to develop a wireless power flight technology. Now scientists at the Imperial College London in Britain have made a breakthrough, they will be off the shelf UAV battery, and then through the technology of inductive coupling wireless transmission of electricity. Scientists believe that the use of wireless charging way to air charging, this demonstration has not been before, the new technology may pave the way for the future, and ultimately be widely used. In order to prove that the method is feasible, the researchers bought ready-made four rotor UAV, the size of about 12 cm, the replacement of the electronic components, remove the battery. Then the researchers made a copper coil, which is actually receiving antenna, wrapped around the uav. On the ground, the researchers installed the launch equipment, which is composed of a circuit board, connected with electronic equipment and power supply, can form a magnetic field. The researchers adjusted the UAV electronic components, so that its frequency and magnetic field frequency. Once the UAV into the magnetic field, the receiving antenna will be induced AC voltage, when the UAV electronic components will be alternating current into direct current. The technology is still in the experimental stage. At the top of the magnetic field source, the flying height of the UAV cannot exceed 10 cm. The research team believes that in a year can launch commercial products. Once they are commercially available, they believe that commercial UAV technology and other equipment will make great progress. In the commercial, surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, the UAV is more widely used. Due to the limited range of UAV flight in the air life time is limited, wireless charging technology can solve these problems. Electrical and electronic engineering, Imperial College London researcher, Dr. Samer Aldhaher believes that wireless charging technology can be improved from the aspects of UAV technology, for example, we can be on the ground configuration of the vehicle, use it as a mobile charging station, the UAV in the car flying above and charging, no need to leave the sky. Wireless power transmission technology can also be used in other areas, such as sensors, medical care equipment, can also be used in the implementation of tasks between the planets. Electrical and electronic engineering, Imperial College London professor Paul Mitcheson explained: "imagine, installation of sensors in bridge and other places, and then the power transmission to sensor for UAV, the internal structure of the bridge monitoring. These people are very difficult to charge the sensor, there is no need to use wireless technology in the past." No.相关的主题文章: