Secretary General of the United Nations: was the Engineer   years of refugees — Guangxi channel — original title: Secretary General of the United Nations: years was the Engineer for refugees according to foreign media reported on 14, the 67 year old former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Terres (Antonio Guterres)? The duly appointed the new secretary general of the United nations. He will be in January 1, 2017. By then, Ban Ki-moon’s second term of office expires in 5 years. Guterres served as head of the United Nations refugee agency for 10 years, he was elected last week from the top 13 candidates. Guterres said that he will perform as secretary general humbly. Guterres was an engineer before he entered politics in Portugal’s first democratic elections in 1976. He served as the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees in 2005-2015, dealing with the world’s most serious refugee crisis in Syria, Afghanistan and iraq. There are 13 candidates for appointment of the new secretary general, there are 7 women, including 66 year old former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen? Clark (Helen Clark), and the United Nations from Bulgaria UNESCO director general Irina Bokova (Irina Bokova)?. Diplomats have been pushing for a new UN Secretary General to be a woman. Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly’s announcement of his appointment, Mr. Guterres said he was fully aware of the challenges facing the United Nations and the limitations of the Secretary General of the United nations. The complexity of the world makes it possible for the Secretary General to work in a more humble manner. He pointed out that the Secretary General of the world’s problems will not have all the answers to the solution, it will not try to impose their own will. In mediation, he should be a convener and facilitator, "bridges", honest "matchmaking", looking for solutions that all participants benefit. As Ban Ki-moon said, Guterres is familiar with the diplomat, "he is full of enthusiasm, standing in front of armed conflicts and humanitarian suffering. His political instincts are consistent with that of the United nations." (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: