Pets Have you ever wanted to train a dog not to bite? Whether you have a puppy or adult dog it is important to teach your dog that biting is not allowed. Every year there are over 800,000 dog bites in the United States, alone, that require hospitalization. It is estimated that the actual number of serious bites, though, is between four and five million. This is an epidemic that has a definite solution. Here are some tips for how to train a dog not to bite: -Make sure dogs are supervised around children. Dogs are animals and regardless of how well trained they are they can act inappropriately and bite. A responsible dog owner will not leave their dog alone with children regardless of how good the dog has been with kids in the past. -Make sure to obedience train your dog. Nearly 100% of biting dogs are dogs that don’t have respect for proper structure and obedience. An obedient dog is far less likely to bite because an obedient dog understands and respects dominance and hierarchy. -Do a lot of leash training. When you train a puppy or dog not to bite it is a good idea to use a leash so that you can give a quick correction if your dog tries to bite. -Be consistent in backing up any commands that you want to teach your dog. Too many dog owners quickly teach their dogs how optional their commands are by rarely backing up any commands. If you teach your dog that obedience training is optional then your dog will have less respect. Above all it is important to use common sense when you train a dog not to bite. Don"t ever allow your dog to be in a position where it is impossible for him to have success. About the Author: By: GoodContent – Any item you could want for your pet — be it food, toys, dog houses or grooming kits — you will find it here, and much cheaper than at most small stores. Buying pet supplies online is the fastest route to finding the best discounts available … By: Sarah – Now we have reached spring we should be experiencing better weather and horse owners breathe a sigh of relief as they can turn out into paddocks for some good quality spring grazing. By: John B. Beamon – Is The Jack Russell Terrier An Intelligent Dog? Energetic, bold and happy are the traits accustomed to describe the Jack Terrier. By: Gloria Philips – Pet food protein is important for your dog. Dogs require more protein than humans. By: Gloria Philips – Lots of pet owners believe that pet food using the highest protein content articles are best for all kinds of dog. This belief is, however, mistaken. Simply because you are considering a higher protein pet food doesn’t mean this is the one you … By: vikram kumar – Toronto dog boarding centers can be a huge benefit for many pet owners. At some point in your life your going to need a babysitter for your dog- whether it be for a night, a week or several weeks By: vikram kumar – Choosing a Toronto dog daycare can be difficult since there are so many companies out there that provide the service By: vikram kumar – Toronto dog kennels are a great place to leave your dog when you go away for an extended period of time. It lets you avoid the hassle of finding someone to look after your dog while you are away and it takes the stress out of making all of … By: vikram kumar – Even though Toronto dog daycare facilities are popping up everything they arent for everyone and they arent for every dog By: vikram kumar – Toronto Dog Daycare facilities have not only provided an answer for working pet-parents but may have also provided a cure for dogs who suffer from behavioral issues due to separation anxiety 相关的主题文章: