Wang Jianlin: Although reengineering popular language, but still can’t afford to buy a house once a "Baba’s richest man set a small goal earned its one hundred million" fried up netizens. Today because of his word, and let a catchword born… The beginning of the incident is that, when Wang Jianlin tells Taiyuan Street Wanda Plaza construction and operation of the story, because the business problem in order to protect the interests of owners, lost 1 billion repurchase. Then compare the Haier smashing refrigerator event, he said: Haier hit the refrigerator only some money, we lose more than 1 billion… You can easily cause public outrage the richest man Baba said! This was the original video: Haier said refused to accept the administrative micro-blog reply to _, then Haier hit the refrigerator is going on? In 1985, Zhang Ruimin came to Haier (called Qingdao refrigerator factory). One day, a friend to buy a refrigerator, the station has picked a lot of trouble, finally reluctantly away a. After the friend left, Zhang Ruimin sent to the warehouse of the more than and 400 refrigerators were all checked again and found a total of 76 sets of various defects. Zhang Ruimin called the workers to the workshop, ask how to do? Most people put forward, does not affect the use of cheap workers to deal with. At that time the price of a refrigerator more than 800 yuan, equivalent to a worker’s income for two years. Zhang Ruimin said: "if I allow to sell these 76 refrigerators, it is tantamount to allowing you to produce 760 sets of such a refrigerator tomorrow." He announced that the refrigerator must be thrown off, the one who did hit, picked up and hit the first hammer personally! Many workers hit the refrigerator when tears. Then, Zhang Ruimin tells us that a defective product is a waste. Three years later, Haier won the first national quality award Chinese refrigerator industry. Haier administrative micro-blog reply, followed by hot comments, a large number of blue V collective you really do things forward… The small expert netizens also started! Since then… Well, this topic was hot, the fact that housing is still strong demand. Come with me, although I _______ sentences, but still can not afford housing concern… The big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: