A new sound: Week variety little Hsu Chi tune eliminated Na Ying cried: "Li Peiling pure enjoy edition Fight Song" little Hsu Chi tune eliminated Na Ying cried "new song" Na Ying Chinese small class PK Harlem Yu team, Harlem Yu Na Ying: "God made the layout Tucao too hard!" Little Hsu Chi big show called Rap million Neda "out of tune", the ultimate tournament being eliminated lead Na Ying whirlwind tears. A beautiful girl of the duel between Buyi girl Wang Chuang, Stefanie Sun hit the voice, listen to voice of Chinese Li Peiling Jay Chou stayed vacant. Network host yang pump cover Jay Chou classic "Feng", the outcome? Look at the new song and video Tencent gave VIP membership card, mentor autograph. "Crossover singer" 80 popular songs a listen to enough open! Wang Kai singing "bird" tear, Hailu Qin interpretation of Faye Wong classic "farewell firefly" for love, burning themselves, Liu Tao tearfully singing "Phi wedding I finally became another woman". The first 80 songs on the weekend in a listen to enough. Juvenile cerebral palsy "to borrow five hundred" shocked the audience to sing cry! Cerebral palsy teenager domineering to borrow five hundred "concert", the judges heard crying, standing ovation! "I want to Spring Festival Gala" is really moving. Love this song cry 70 days after Priscilla Chan, after 80 Chinese place must have heard Priscilla Chan’s song "thousands of songs", "singer Priscilla Chan appeared hidden singer 2", Dai Jun becomes the second Chikan face: "when we each have posted a picture of her bed buddy, listen to her!" Listen to an old lady Priscilla Chan this weekend. Hyoyeon temptation dance GOT7 modest started final incarnation of Hyoyeon indomitable fighter, the temptation to dance sexy bursting; GOT7 Abraham started final battle, Obama fans yelling: FIGHTING! "HIT THE STAGE" Tencent video broadcast alone!相关的主题文章: