Men take advantage of the hotel reception nobody sneaked into the theft of large mole betrayed him were arrested theft site on September 17th morning, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau West Lake three pier area police station received a hotel reception staff report, the hotel front desk drawer in more than 9000 yuan of cash money stolen. After that is the case, three police criminal investigation police pier group according to the investigation procedures, soon found that day morning, a middle-aged man to take advantage of the hotel reception into the reception after the implementation of the theft of unmanned, stopped a taxi quickly fled the process. As the night video conditions, seize the golden time for investigation, deputy director of criminal investigation Criminal Investigation Command sergeant Jin Yurong Zhao Zhichao led the night to find traces of trace, the suspects fled to bring to justice. Through a large number of video analysis and finally found the suspect took a taxi in Gongshu, a hotel at the entrance. Grasp the clues, the police more in-depth investigation, soon found Feng a major crime suspects and arrested him at the hotel at. At first, pingmou also resisted that I do not know, the police suspect Jin Yurong a casual poke in the words: "hey! The big mole on your forehead betrayed you!" In a display of the police material, see their obvious characteristics after completely unmasked finally lowered his head, the suspect pingmou (male, born 71 years, Zhejiang people) truthful account of the implementation of the whole process of theft, has been West Lake police criminal detention! Police advise: late at night on duty to pay attention to, security precautions need to pay attention to contact: three pier police station deputy director Zhao Zhichao (53644913858034311)相关的主题文章: