When the opportunity comes, always dressed in the cloak of darkness concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "Wen said" the opportunity is always prepared to leave 1 people before a job, a core employee suddenly quit, she is responsible for the business is very important, but has not to recruit the right people. The management of the final decision is: let her former subordinate to the top, while looking for a more suitable candidate; if there is no suitable candidate, then promoted the subordinates. Just me and the subordinate relationship is very good, chatting to remind her: "if you replace the original boss recently to work, even if the workload is big, don’t give your birthright to the next, this is definitely a good opportunity!" She was skeptical: "really? In fact, the boss has been looking for me to talk about, and then I would like to refuse her later." Later, she heard the hearsay from elsewhere, and management’s decision is: because this position is too difficult to recruit people, so instead of internal training, but her qualifications temporarily can not directly be promoted, so let her know for a long time in the position to make some achievements, and then give the corresponding title. The colleague is extremely lucky, most in need of time to make a decision, happens to have insider provided reliable information, let her know more out of work responsibility is actually a valuable opportunity. But in most cases, around us, and no such informants can timely provide inside information, more trouble is the chance to love, always dressed in a dark cloak — looks no attraction, full of terrible workload, difficult task and blurred the future, if the rush to go on. Repeat labor may fall into the trap, let a person be at a loss what to do. Later, the staff member after the promotion was asked me: "how did you know that this is a good opportunity?" I told her about my other experience. Chance sometimes wearing a dark coat 2 I’ve lived with a woman boss, she said such a sentence: "if you want a promotion, you should require yourself — you are the manager with higher job responsibilities and work, we must first make the senior manager’s performance; you are the assistant manager, we must first make the manager’s job performance, then you are eligible for me to talk about the promotion and salary raise." We hear whispers in this at a loss about what to do, the boss is really too will not give us a promotion, also want to let us take the initiative to add their own lives. The lecture, only a colleague left heart, according to higher standards. After six months, the first to be promoted. At that time, it touched me very much, and I was very confused. From the results, the woman did not go back, because the work in accordance with the higher standard of people was first promoted; on the other hand, the cycle is too long, desperately do half a year before the big rise, it is hard to say what is the final result for the study period, or to a the consolation prize. This problem has been with me in my life, as the shadow follows the form, work constantly encounter a similar problem: how)相关的主题文章: