Why is apple chip good? Jobs value differentiation, according to foreign media AppleInsider reported that apple A series processor performance outstanding, which may be derived from the Jobs era of its attention, he attaches great importance to Apple chip differentiation competition. Jonny, senior vice president of Apple hardware technology department, · recalled: "Jobs believes that Apple really want to achieve differentiated competition, the introduction of truly unique and excellent function, the only way is to have an independent chip. Mobile phone manufacturers must control and own their own chips." He was a graduate of the famous Israel Institute of technology, and he was dug up by Intel · Bob, the Apple hardware owner of that time, and was responsible for organizing the processor team. Today, rocky is the center of Apple’s mobile ambitions, and in almost all aspects of the development process – from industrial design to software, the team has a place. It is understood that the apple A chip is the main task of the rocky team, but rocky suggests that all the technologies from the new battery technology to the WiFi modem are within their scope of work. "The budget of the team is very tight," I said. "I think engineers are going to do their best even with funding, tools, or resources. If you have too much money to relax on your own requirements, this is a wrong attitude." Apple’s mobile chip ambitions can be traced back to 2007, when, due to the use of components from many manufacturers, the first generation of iPhone has many technical limitations.

苹果芯片为何出色?乔布斯看重差异化   据外媒AppleInsider报道,苹果A系列处理器的性能出众,这可能是源于乔布斯时代对其的重视,他非常看重苹果芯片的差异化竞争。   苹果硬件技术部门高级副总裁乔尼·斯洛基回忆称:“乔布斯认为,苹果要真正实现差异化竞争,推出真正独特和出色的功能,唯一的途径是拥有自主芯片。手机厂商必须控制和拥有自己的芯片。”   斯洛基是以色列人,毕业于著名的以色列理工学院,他被当时的苹果硬件产品掌门鲍勃·曼斯菲尔德从英特尔挖来,负责组建处理器团队。   如今,斯洛基是苹果移动雄心的中枢,在开发过程的几乎所有方面——从工业设计到软件,其团队都占有一席之地。   据了解,苹果A系列芯片是斯洛基团队的主要任务,但斯洛基暗示,从新电池技术到WiFi调制解调器在内的所有技术都在他们的工作范围之内。   斯洛基透露,该团队的研发预算非常紧张,“我认为,即使面临资金、工具或资源的制约,工程师也会竭尽全力。如果因有过多资金而放松对自己的要求,这是错误的心态。”   苹果的移动芯片雄心可以追溯到2007年,当时,由于采用来自多家厂商的元器件,第一代iPhone存在诸多技术性限制。相关的主题文章: