"The specified will comply with the" clear to ward the principle of original title: General principles of civil law "draft additional temporary custody system of Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shu) today (October 31st), the NPC Standing Committee, the second draft of the general principles of civil law, a comparative review, the second draft made important adjustment of the guardianship system," the system of temporary custody in law; "testamentary" clearly follow the "most conducive to the guardian" principle. The general principles of civil law draft of general principles of the civil code of our country. Since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China has launched four civil code compilation, but for various reasons. In the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, put forward to perfect the legal system of socialist market economy, codification, which is in the central document for the first time explicitly put forward the "codification". Since then, the fifth civil code compilation (both the civil code compilation) officially launched. In June this year, the NPC Standing Committee preliminary draft the general principles of civil law, civil codification of local unveiled. Compared with the current general principles of civil law, a draft revised guardianship system, expand the scope of the guardian, and adults with intellectual disabilities due to illness and other reasons the loss or partial loss of identification of cognitive ability, into the range of person under guardianship; and formulated the "Testament", "repent right" clause. From July 5th to August 4th, the general rules of civil law first draft for public comment. China National People’s Congress network, the number of comments within a month amounted to more than 65000, many of which are still related to the monitoring system. Some people in the industry, a review of the right to repent, the provisions of the will specify terms still need to improve. 1 Changes: "temporary guardianship system into the method for occurred in recent years, child abuse, elder abuse case, a reviewer to improve the revocation of the guardianship system, the provisions of serious damage by guardian guardian if the physical and mental health, failing to fulfill their duties of guardianship and other acts, as guardian of the place of domicile neighborhood, village, and school, women’s federations, federations and other organizations may apply to the court revoke the guardianship. The court is in accordance with the principle of the most conducive to the guardian, according to the law designated new guardian. In this regard, some industry insiders, the revocation of eligibility criteria, the application of the main body is too limited, operability is not strong. East China University of political assistant researcher Sun Yuhua wrote this, some states of the United States to revoke the guardianship qualification has a special court procedures, after receiving the application, the first decision is "temporary guardianship", once the children are in temporary custody, the court will organize a hearing, if the hearing results show that parents may cause potential harm to children, so the children will be temporarily out of the family, the temporary guardianship of children is not less than 6 months. Today, as the revision report also said the deputy director of the NPC Law Committee Li Shi, some NPC Standing Committee members also suggested that the need to further improve the revocation of guardianship qualification terms, before the court to determine the new guardian, in order to avoid the original Guardian Guardian especially further harm to minors, shall designate a temporary guardian or make other arrangements for temporary custody. Two reviewers have adopted the proposal, the new interim provisions of the guardianship system, farmachemie相关的主题文章: